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'The Bachelorette': Desiree Hartsock leaves Chris Siegfried sweet reminder

Desiree Hartsock left Chris a sweet reminder of the start of their relationship on Tuesday.
Desiree Hartsock left Chris a sweet reminder of the start of their relationship on Tuesday.
Chris Siegfried Instagram

Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried from "The Bachelorette" on ABC are enjoying their lives together, and they have no problem showing off their romantic sides. On Feb. 25, Chris Siegfried revealed on his Twitter that Desiree Hartsock left him a sweet surprise for when he arrived home. He shared a photo of this surprise as well. He is shown holding the key for their fantasy suite from her season. The fact that Desiree kept the key shows off her romantic side.

The couple has been quiet a bit the last few days, but they did celebrate with an engagement party on Saturday night. New details about the party were shared by Life & Style on Tuesday. The party was held at DeLille Cellars. Jason and Molly Mesnick were just two of the 40 guests in attendance at the event. Desiree Hartsock did speak about the event to People Magazine as well. She said the following:

It was so much fun. It's really nice to sit back and be with friends and family and think about why you're getting married and celebrate that love. Chris and I both couldn't stop smiling.

The couple is still planning their wedding for later this year. Desiree revealed that Chris wants there to be a milkshake bar at the event. She is still working on her dresses as well.

What do you think of Desiree's sweet reminder for Chris? Are you ready for this pair to marry? "The Bachelorette" will return to ABC later this year.

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