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'The Bachelorette 10': 'The Men Tell All' recap

Chris Harrison, host of 'The Bachelorette'
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Tonight, July 21, “The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All” special reunited the men of Andi’s season, Andi, and even some familiar faces from “The Bachelor” franchise. Chris Harrison kicked the show off by sitting down with Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum.

The couple is expecting a baby in early October. They also will be making a big move to Miami. Ashley said she wanted to be able to go outside all year long, and JP added they have family there they will be close to. Ashley then had an ultrasound done live on television for everyone to see. She and JP learned they were having a boy.

They played a sneak peek of “Bachelor in Paradise.” There will be plenty of drama and tears to go around. Chris Bukowski, Michelle Money, Graham Bunn, and Sarah Herron were all in the audience to promote the show, which premieres Aug. 4.

Chris Harrison welcomed Carl, Brett, Andrew, Patrick, Bradley, Ron, Craig, Nick S., Tasos, JJ, Marquel, Cody, Dylan, Brian, Marcus, and Chris. (The guys all wore scarves as a joke). Chris checked in with the guys, they played a recap of this season, and Chris went to Marquel to ask about the incident with Andrew, during which JJ claimed Andrew commented about the “blackie” staying when Andi offered Ron a rose.

Ron felt Marquel handled the situation with dignity, and Andrew spoke up and accidentally called Marquel “Ron” instead. He rambled on before Marquel asked him to stick to the subject. They replayed the footage, and it was visible to see Andrew lean over to say something to JJ, but there was no audio. Andrew explained he said it had been a long night and wondered when it would be over. JJ stood by what he said. The conversation went around and around, but Andrew stood by what he said.

After the commercial break, Chris was ready to change the subject, but JJ spoke up, wanting to defend himself. He said Marquel had become a close friend, he wanted to get things off his chest, but he also didn’t really care. The other guys weren’t very satisfied with the apology.

Chris brought Marquel down to the hot seat. Marquel explained he and Andi became friendly, but they weren’t able to get out of the dreaded friend zone. Marquel didn’t think Andi wanted him to kiss her, but he added that he also had no idea the rest of the guys were kissing her so quickly. Chris reminded everyone Marquel will be on “Bachelor in Paradise,” and Marquel brought out a tray of cookies to share with the audience.

Marcus talked to Chris next and said it was hard to watch the recap of his time on the show. He thought his relationship with Andi helped him to open up, mature, and learn what true love is like. He felt uneasy about seeing Andi because he had some unanswered questions for her. Marcus had regrets about saying he shouldn’t have told Andi he loved her – he said it out of embarrassment and didn’t mean it. Chris announced Marcus was also joining “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Chris Harrison brought Chris down next. He said he put himself out there and was committed to Andi. Chris wished he had more time. A random woman from the crowd interrupted Chris’ speech and sat on the couch to ask if he thought he would meet someone in Iowa. She admitted she wanted to date Chris. Chris Harrison let them have a “speed date” during the commercial break.

Andi took the hot seat next. She was intimidated by the amount of exes she had there. Chris wondered what changed for her after hometowns, and Andi said she had so much fun at his hometown. She didn’t want to put Chris in the intimate Fantasy Suite situation since he was always such a gentleman and so kind. Marcus wondered if Andi was afraid he was so open with her so early on. Andi said it made her feel hopeful, but she realized she wasn’t able to reciprocate those feelings.

Cody didn’t feel Andi ever got to know the real him, but she said she wanted to send him home as soon as she realized there wasn’t potential. Marquel joked about not knowing everyone was kissing Andi, and she said she felt their relationship wasn’t reciprocal as far as the romance went – it was more fun. Chris Harrison introduced Chris Bukowski, who awkwardly started to make his way toward the stage, but Chris stopped him and told him everyone could see him on “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Chris Harrison joked about Andi being pregnant, and she laughed the rumors off. He brought out the lie detector results – Brian, Marcus, JJ, Chris, Dylan, and Josh went on a date with Andi and had to take a lie detector test. Brian, JJ, and Chris did not tell any lies on their tests. Marcus, Dylan, and Josh all lied. Marcus said he slept with fewer than 20 women, which was a lie. Dylan lied about preferring brunettes and being ready for marriage. Josh lied about two things, but Andi said she trusted him and didn’t hear what he lied about.

As always, they played the blooper reel. It included someone using the restroom (and washing their hands) during one of Andi’s “in-the-moments,” production accidentally breaking plates at Nick’s house, and Andi giving herself a healthy dosage of nasal spray. They closed the show with a preview of next week’s finale, followed by Chris Harrison visiting Andi in a dressing room to hand her a letter from one of the final two guys.

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