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'The Bachelorette 10': 'The Journey So Far' recap

Andi Dorfman, the newest Bachelorette
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Tonight, June 9, “The Bachelorette” aired a brief recap episode of Andi Dorfman’s journey thus far during this season, trying to find her perfect match. The show aired the highlights – Andi’s first meetings with the guys, group dates, and one-on-one dates.

Last week marked the exit of Eric Hill, who died about a month after he left the show in a tragic paragliding accident. His exit was quite unconventional, since he and Andi argued because he felt she wasn’t opening up to him and being herself. Andi took the remarks offensively, and the two decided to part ways before the Cocktail Party ended and the Rose Ceremony began. Eric rode away in a taxi, saying he hadn’t meant to upset Andi or make her cry.

Because the show wanted to focus on paying tribute to Eric last week, they aired taped footage of Chris Harrison discussing Eric’s life, time on the show, and tragic passing in lieu of the Rose Ceremony. This week, the recap episode wrapped up with last week’s Rose Ceremony to show fans the footage they didn’t get to see.

To start the Rose Ceremony, Andi entered the room and greeted the guys. She told them it had been a very interesting night, (referring to what happened with Eric), but that part of the night was over and done. Andi felt the process was working, the feelings were there, and she knew what she wanted.

Dylan, Brian, and Marcus each received roses during their dates with Andi. She then handed roses out to Nick, JJ, Josh, Cody, Chris, Andrew, Patrick, and Marquel. Since Eric had already left prior to the Rose Ceremony, that left Tasos as the only one heading home without a rose.

Tasos thanked Andi for the opportunity, and she walked him out. She explained there wasn’t an immediate connection, but she couldn’t say enough great things about him. Tasos told Andi he owed some of the best days of his life to her. He cried in the limo and said his emotions were coming from his hurt over Andi saying she wanted him to find somebody wonderful.

Back inside, Andi toasted the guys and told them she was ready to take the romances outside the country. She then told them they were taking things to the south of France, and everyone toasted in excitement.

They aired a preview of next week’s episode. The guys take on miming, Chris Harrison makes a surprise appearance and announcement, and tensions between the guys run high.

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