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'The Bachelorette 10': Premiere recap

Andi Dorfman, the newest Bachelorette
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The Bachelorette” premiered its tenth season tonight, May 19, with a brief introduction by Chris Harrison regarding the death of contestant Eric Hill. Eric tragically passed away from a paragliding accident after filming ended, and they plan to dedicate this season to him. The show then moved into a look at Andi Dorfman’s life as she cleaned out her office at the courthouse to leave for filming. She stopped home to say good-bye to her parents and wondered if her dad would be tougher on the final two guys than he was on Juan Pablo.

Andi’s sister helped her get ready to meet all of the guys. The two of them picked out Andi’s dress together, and Andi got emotional as they talked. Then, it was off to the mansion.

First out of the limo was Marcus, who told Andi he had a lot to give and a lot to offer. Chris, a farmer from Iowa, told Andi he was ecstatic to get to know her. JJ was excited to kick off a love quest, and Marquel told Andi he was there to compliment her. Tasos said he loves to travel and wants to visit the Lover’s Bridge in Paris. The two of them re-created it by locking a lock on a gate and tossing the key into the fountain.

Cody, a personal trainer, pretended to push a limo into the driveway. Steven was stoked to be there – Andi quickly guessed he was from California. Rudie, an attorney, asked if he could approach “The Bachelorette” and gave her a “Voluntary Fourth Waiver” to search. Carl presented Andi with a small globe, and Jason used “doctor humor” to tell Andi she had a fever because she looked hot.

Nick V. was really excited to meet Andi, and she complimented his polka-dotted tie. Dylan got nervous and lost everything he was going to say. Patrick kicked a soccer ball over to Andi before kicking it away to get rid of it. He assured her he was nothing like the last guy who played soccer. Emil told Andi to remember his name by “anal” with an “m.” Brett pulled a lamp out of the limo and explained his mom told him never to meet a lady empty-handed.

Craig popped open a bottle of champagne to celebrate Andi as “The Bachelorette.” Ron lives in Nashville, but he grew up in Israel and Barbados. Bradley told Andi he is an opera singer and would love to serenade her. Josh B. looked forward to getting to know Andi better.

Nick S. rolled up in a golf cart. He explained that he is a professional golfer. Brian asked Andi to check his tie, since he tied it “like, six times.” Andrew told Andi she has one of the most adorable smiles he had ever seen. Mike wanted to pretend he didn’t just hop out of a limo and said hello is a “natural” setting. He even offered her his number.

Eric gave Andi two small dolls he received from a young girl while travelling in Peru that were supposed to be for his girlfriend. Josh M. told Andi he just moved to Atlanta, and she was the only reason he was there.

With that, Andi headed inside and greeted the guys once more. She was confident the process would work, and she would be able to find her husband. Josh M. pulled Andi aside and gave her his jacket to wear. Marquel tried cookie tasting with Andi instead of a traditional wine tasting. Eric explained that he was visiting all 195 countries in the world and filming a documentary.

Chris Harrison popped in and left the First Impression Rose for Andi. Another Chris – Chris Bukowski (from Emily’s season) – showed up outside and asked the producers to meet Andi. Meanwhile, the other guys continued to do their best to impress Andi inside. She told Tasos she wanted to do a South African safari, and he talked to her about his travels and languages. Andi felt an immediate connection and attraction with Nick V. It wasn’t long before Bradley was singing opera music for the group.

Chris Harrison broke the news to Andi that Chris Bukowski was there. She wondered what the balance was and didn’t want to upset the rest of the guys who were there for her, so she said she didn’t want to meet with Chris B.. Chris Harrison broke the news to Chris Bukowski, and he couldn’t believe it. He mentioned he had been out there for seven days and refused to leave. Eventually, Chris and Chris hugged, and Chris Bukowski made his way back to where he came from.

Andi was very impressed by her selection of guys and struggled to decide who to give the First Impression Rose to. Chris told Andi he was a fourth-generation farmer, and they talked about the outdoors. She couldn’t get over how hot Marcus was, and he talked German and Polish to her. Finally, Andi pulled Nick V. away from the other guys and offered him the First Impression Rose. Per the usual, Chris Harrison interrupted to announce it was time for the Rose Ceremony.

Nick V. already received a rose going into the Rose Ceremony. Andi then offered roses to JJ, Eric, Marquel, Craig, Tasos, Josh M., Brian, Bradley, Marcus, Andrew, Ron, Carl, Chris, Dylan, Brett, Patrick, Cody, and Nick S. The guys that didn’t make the cut awkwardly shook hands with each other and hugged Andi good-bye.

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