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'The Bachelorette 10': Finale recap

Andi Dorfman, the Bachelorette
Andi Dorfman, the Bachelorette
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Tonight, July 28, “The Bachelorette” reached the end of its journey. Andi and the final two guys remained in the Dominican Republic, and both Nick and Josh met Andi’s family before she made her final decision.

Nick was up first. He and Andi sat down with her family to talk, and he was very quiet and reserved. The group moved outside to eat lunch, and Nick started to open up a bit. They talked about his journey with Andi.

Everyone split up for the typical side conversations. Andi told her sister Nick could see her soul and always kisses her passionately. Meanwhile, Nick talked to Andi’s dad, Hy. Nick told Hy that Andi was it for him, he wanted to marry her, and asked Hy’s blessing. Hy said he appreciated his honesty, and if the two of them decided to be together, they would be a great fit.

Before Josh’s arrival, Andi prepped everyone by telling them she ruled Josh out as being a player early on, but she found out he wasn’t like that. Andi’s sister asked Josh questions, and she felt satisfied with his answers.

Then, it was time for Josh to sit down with Hy. Josh said he was ready to settle down, Andi was gorgeous, they had great conversations, they had so much fun together, and he was in love with her. He added that he felt a forever love, and he felt Andi loved him, too. Josh asked permission to propose to Andi, and Hy said he had his blessing.

Andi and Josh shared one last date together out on a yacht. Later on, they talked back at Josh’s hotel room. Josh shared a letter about how excited he was to be with Andi forever. He also made Andi her own baseball card. Andi worried because there was so much about their relationship that was too good to be true.

Nick and Andi went off-roading in a Jeep for their date. They talked about their future. Later on, Andi went to Nick’s room, and he tried to make a speech, but he rambled awkwardly. Nick still felt Andi was giving him all the signs and felt confident they would end up together. He then gave her a gift: it was a gold bag with a necklace inside. He got sand from the beach and put it in a small vial to hang on the necklace.

Josh and Nick both felt confident, yet uncertain, the day of the final rose ceremony. While Josh was picking out rings with Neil Lane, Andi showed up at Nick’s door.

Before showing what happened next, Chris Harrison checked in with former cast members who were in the live studio audience. Chris talked to Clare first, and she said she wished someone would have come to her door – she definitely thought Andi was breaking it off with Nick. Farmer Chris was also there and thought Andi going to Nick’s door could mean a lot of things, but he didn’t think it was a good thing. Drew thought the last thing Nick wanted to see was Andi at his door.

Michelle Money stood up to ask who the new “Bachelor” was and wondered when they were going to announce it. Chris Harrison said there were candidates in the room, and they would name the new “Bachelor” later.

Then, it was back to Andi and Nick in the Dominican Republic. Andi told Nick she was thinking a lot about when he talked about the last time he was engaged and woke up that morning and didn’t feel something was right. Andi explained she woke up that morning and didn’t feel something was right. She said she couldn’t go through with something when the feeling wasn’t right. Andi added that she didn’t feel the things she saw in them was best for them.

Nick wondered when she started feeling that way, and she said she worried about the intensity and the over-analyzing. On their last date, she couldn’t relax and worried they would be over-analyzing everything if they ended up together. Nick didn’t understand how Andi could react the way she did when he told her he loved her and then sit there and tell him that. Andi said she meant everything she said and every time they kissed. He wondered if it was more about them or someone else, and Andi shrugged and said she was sorry.

Nick explained he woke up feeling so confident because of “us” and worried Andi took it too far. He said he told her he loved her when they were in the water, and she told him she wished she could say things back. Andi nodded but stayed quiet. Nick said he knew it was hard for her, and he hoped she was a million percent sure and not scared. She said she was sure and then told Nick good-bye. They shared a pathetic hug, and Andi left. Nick threw away his roses, packed, and was on his way.

In the car, Nick said he felt like a fool. He thought Andi took things too far and said he trusted her when she asked him to. He added they had something, and he thought that was it. Nick said he was looking forward to having a family of his own the most and thought that was what Andi wanted.

The show cut back to Chris Harrison, who said Nick was blindsided. He added that Nick had tried repeatedly to sit down and talk with Andi since they returned from the Dominican Republic, but she refused.

Andi was all smiles for Josh’s arrival. Chris Harrison escorted Josh in, and he made his way to Andi. Josh launched right into his speech and said he gave up his first love of baseball because a bigger love existed somewhere. He told Andi he found her, she changed his life forever, and she took his breath away the first night he pulled up to the mansion. Josh said Andi was the answer to all his prayers, and he knew he was the only man that could ever make her smile the way she did.

Then, it was Andi’s turn. She said everything was crazy and had definitely been a journey. She said she was scared when she met Josh when he said the next person he said “I love you” to was going to be the woman he married. Andi then said she knew the feeling was love and knew it from the moment she met him. She told him he was the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

Josh got down on his knee and proposed. Andi said yes and marveled at his choice of ring. She offered him the final rose, which he accepted, before he carried her off.

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