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'The Bachelorette 10': Episode 9 recap

Andi Dorfman, the Bachelorette
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The Bachelorette” moved along to its final destination tonight, July 14. Andi and the final three guys found themselves in Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic. As they played recaps of Andi’s journey with each of the guys, she described her relationships with all three.

Nick and Andi met for their date and hopped into a helicopter. They landed on an island, which was theirs for the day. They swam and shared a picnic lunch, and Andi commented that Nick’s family was concerned he was going to get hurt. They talked about Nick’s past relationships and his broken engagement. He tried to tell Andi he loved her, but he ended up rambling on and never got around to it. Instead, they went snorkeling.

They changed for dinner and talked some more. Nick told Andi he spent his time away from her writing (and illustrating) a fairy tale story about the two of them. He detailed their journey together. The two then decided to spend the night in the fantasy suite, and Nick pulled Andi aside to tell her all the reasons why he loved her before they headed in.

The next day, Andi met Josh in Santo Domingo, and they wandered around the city. Naturally, they ended up playing baseball with some kids. Josh told Andi that he loved her again and said he understood she couldn’t respond.

Over dinner, Andi wanted to figure out whether or not Josh was serious about getting down on one knee, since he was always so happy and goofy. Josh went on again about how he loved Andi and said he’d told her the next woman he told he loved was going to be the one he wanted to spend his life with. Andi whipped out the fantasy suite card, and they agreed to stay in it. On the way there, they stopped to watch fireworks and then climbed right on into their own private pool.

Chris met Andi, and the two headed off to go horseback riding…right after he told her the Dominican Republic reminded him of Iowa. (What?) Andi was not very excited and was visibly uncomfortable riding the horse, but Chris did his best to comfort her. They stopped for a picnic and chatted about Chris’ family. Then, they played another rousing round of “Ghost in the Graveyard.” During her in the moment on camera, Andi admitted she just wasn’t sure if her relationship with Chris was at the point where they were ready for the fantasy suite.

Dinner brought more talk about Iowa and Chris’ family. Chris asked how Andi felt about Iowa, and she said she had a lot of fun on the tractor and at the farm, but it would be a lot different for her. Chris felt everything was negotiable, and the right people would make it work. Andi picked up the fantasy suite card and said she was at a crossroads, seeing this amazing person in front of her but feeling unsure.

Chris told Andi he loved her, and she was quiet before starting to cry. She said she could make excuses and blame it on Iowa, but she just didn’t see a foundation for them. He was feeling things, and she just wasn’t. Andi said she didn’t want to make Chris sit and wait for a Rose Ceremony – she was trying and trying, but her feelings just weren’t there. Chris told her he appreciated and respected her for that, even though he was disappointed. She explained her head and heart just didn’t match up.

Andi walked Chris out, and he packed his things. He wasn’t sure what happened and wished he had answers.

Andi was in better spirits the next day, when she sat down for a chat with Chris Harrison. She told him the week was great, for the most part, but there was a little bump in the road with Chris. Chris Harrison wondered what really put an end to everything, and Andi said if the foundation wasn’t there, the location didn’t matter. She said she woke up feeling like she made the right decision. Andi added that both Nick and Josh told her they loved her. She felt they were both the whole package, although she had concerns.

With Nick, Andi wondered if he could be goofy, since their relationship was so serious. On the other hand, she still wondered if Josh could be serious and have a mature relationship, since they were always so goofy. Andi worried the journey wouldn’t end in a happy moment for her.

They still held the Rose Ceremony to make sure both Nick and Josh wanted to continue. Chris Harrison told them both that Chris was no longer there, and he would let Andi explain why. She told the guys she sent Chris home before the fantasy suite because she didn’t see a future with him. Nick and Josh accepted their roses, and Andi told them how excited she was for them to meet her family.

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