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'The Bachelorette 10': Episode 8 recap

Andi Dorfman, the newest Bachelorette
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Tonight, July 7, “The Bachelorette” moved along to hometown dates. First, Andi visited Nick’s hometown of Milwaukee, Wis. The two went to the Milwaukee Public Market and the Lakefront Brewery. Andi was excited to see a more relaxed, outgoing, fun side of Nick as the two polka danced.

Then, they were off to Waukesha to meet Nick’s family: his mom, dad, and plenty of siblings and their spouses and significant others. Alone, Nick told his sister, Maria, that he was in love with Andi. Maria said it seemed real, and she knew the situation was elevated, but Andi seemed like his type. Andi and Maria talked, and Andi assured Maria she wanted to find her husband and didn’t want to hurt Nick. Nick’s much younger sister, Bella, asked Andi questions from a hand-written list, but she wasn’t much help in reporting the answers back to Nick.

Nick told his mom he could see himself spending the rest of his life with Andi and felt like she was the half of him he had been missing. They both shed some tears. By the end of the night, Andi even had memorized all of Nick’s siblings’ names. The two went outside to say good-bye, but Nick still didn’t tell her he loved her.

Next up was a visit to Chris’ hometown in Arlington, Iowa. Chris showed Andi inside his huge house, which he lives in all alone. The two went outside, and Chris drove them around in his tractor. He even let Andi take a turn while sitting on his lap. They talked about who Andi was going to meet from his family and what she could do if she moved there. A plane flew overhead pulling a sign that said “Chris loves Andi.”

Later on, the two had dinner with Chris’ family. They told them about their day. While Andi got the scoop from his sisters, Chris talked to his mom. Andi’s conversation with Chris’ mom made her feel better about making the move from the city to the country. To wrap up the night, everyone went outside to play “Ghost in the Graveyard.”

Andi then went to Josh’s hometown of Tampa, Fla. They played a little baseball before discussing why Josh hadn’t pursued a career in baseball. The two also talked about Josh’s younger brother, Aaron, who was preparing for the NFL football draft.

Andi and Josh headed over to meet his family. As soon as they sat down to eat, Aaron and Josh started talking about football. Andi talked to both of Josh’s parents and had a really good conversation with his sister, Stephanie. Josh told his mom that he was falling in love with Andi. Aaron told Andi Josh was ready for a family. Then, everyone went outside to play football.

Last up was visiting Marcus in his hometown of Dallas, Texas. Marcus drove Andi all around the city to show her a day in his life. He then reenacted their first date and gave Andi her own private striptease. She could not stop talking about how hot Marcus was.

Later on, Andi met Marcus’ mom, brother, sister, niece, and nephew. His niece made them bracelets. While Andi talked with Marcus’ sister, he shared an emotional moment with his brother. Marcus’ mom was surprised to hear how open he had been with Andi, since he is usually quiet and reserved. Marcus told his mom he was in love with Andi and felt at peace and fulfilled when she was by his side. Outside, Marcus told Andi he loved her and was inspired by a future with her.

Back on April 23, when filming was occurring, Chris Harrison had Andi and the guys over to his house. Chris broke the news to them that Eric Hill passed away after a severe paragliding accident in Utah. Andi started crying, and Marcus left the room. The two of them sat outside together for a little bit before returning inside to the others. Andi said it put everything into perspective. The crew put the cameras down, and everyone hugged and supported each other. Andi was pretty upset as she thought about her last conversation with Eric.

Andi met Chris Harrison back at the mansion one more time before the Rose Ceremony the next night. Andi started crying again, saying she felt guilty having happiness out of the journey. Chris wondered if Andi had clarity, and she told him she was worried and didn’t even know how to comprehend everything that was happening.

Chris greeted the guys and escorted them in for the Rose Ceremony. Andi entered and told them she didn’t know how to comprehend them losing one of their own. She wanted them to know they were all in it together. Andi started to pick up the first rose but had to stop and walked out crying. Chris Harrison went after her, and she said it was that room – she could see exactly where Eric had once been standing.

Andi pulled it together and went back in by the guys. She got right back to it and handed roses out to Josh, Chris, and Nick. That left Marcus as the one heading right back home. Andi walked him out, and they sat down outside. Andi explained there was a part of her that knew Marcus would give her the world, and she would be lucky to be with him. She said she couldn’t put him through it anymore, knowing that he was telling her he was falling in love if she didn’t feel the same way.

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