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'The Bachelorette 10': Episode 7 recap

Andi Dorfman, the newest Bachelorette
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Tonight, June 30, Andi and the remaining guys on “The Bachelorette” traveled over to Brussels. It was a big week for everyone, knowing hometown dates were the next step. Chris Harrison stopped to visit with the guys at the hotel. He explained there wouldn’t be roses on either of the two individual dates, but there would be one on the group date. With that, he left the date card, which turned out to be for Marcus.

Marcus and Andi went off to explore the city together. Andi was surprised that Marcus considered leaving at one point, but she was glad he decided to stay. He said it was because he was in love with her.

The two changed and went to a very fancy dinner together and discussed who Andi would meet if she went home with Marcus. He was disappointed his dad wouldn’t be there, but Andi assured him that was out of his control. Andi wondered what types of questions Marcus’ family would ask her, so he guessed at some. He also talked about his relationship with his mom.

Back at the hotel, the next individual date card arrived for Josh. He was excited, since he thought it was going to be the group date card. The rest of the guys were visibly disappointed to learn they would be on the group date.

Marcus returned from his date, and Nick snuck down to the front desk and lied about losing his room key but said the room was in his wife’s name. He was given a key and went to Andi’s room. She was shocked and worried that something was wrong. Andi changed, and the two of them headed outside for a walk. They talked for a little while before making out under a tree.

Next up was Josh’s one-on-one date. Josh and Andi went exploring in Ghent and tried plenty of chocolate. They shared a snack and talked about visiting Josh’s hometown. Andi wished Josh would be more open with his feelings.

At dinner, the talked about how frustrated Josh had been the day of the lie detector test. Andi admitted to feeling scared that things with Josh were too good to be true. Josh tried to give Andi questions his family might ask and said they are open and honest. Josh finally told Andi he was falling in love with her, and it was important for her to meet his family. They kissed quite a bit before heading outside for a private concert from American Young.

The last date card arrived at the hotel for Nick, Dylan, Brian, and Chris. Nick was excited to see Andi, but he was also excited to never go on a group date again. He didn’t feel at all intimidated by the other guys.

For their group date the next day, Andi and the guys explored the Belgian countryside on a rail bike. They went to a monastery, and Andi said there was no kissing within the walls, since they were on sacred ground. Andi and Chris went off together to work on some pottery. When they returned, Andi explained that the person who received the rose would continue on the date, while the guys who didn’t were heading back to the hotel.

Andi spent time with Dylan, and the other guys fretted about the rose. Brian went for it during his time with Andi and told her he was legitimately falling in love with her. Nick continued to talk a big game during his in-the-moment alone on camera. When he sat down with Andi, he told her he wasn’t nervous – he was more excited about bringing her home. They came close, but they stuck to the “no kissing” rule. They returned to the group, Andi offered the rose to Nick, and he accepted.

Andi said good-bye to Chris, Brian, and Dylan, and they headed back to the car. None of them were very happy that Nick got to stay with Andi and take her to his hometown when they didn’t. Josh and Marcus were surprised to see the guys return to the hotel, and Josh guessed what happened. Marcus said Nick would make it to the final two and walk away.

Nick and Andi went for dinner in Dinant. Nick started up a game of “This or That?” After dinner, they watched fireworks. And made out. Again.

Nick returned to a mess of awkwardness back at the hotel. None of the other guys would look at him or talk to him until Brian finally spoke up and said Nick acted like he was certain he was going to get a hometown date. Marcus felt Nick liked to get in their heads and make them feel insecure. Marcus told him he watched every season, and Nick explained he watched a bunch of seasons to find out what he was getting himself into.

Chris said Nick was always talking about strategy – what the next date card was, who was going on the next date, who would be the next “Bachelor.” Nick went on to explain that they all handled their feelings differently. He said he was always thinking about his relationship with Andi.

Andi arrived for the Cocktail Party and knew she was going to Milwaukee with Nick after giving him a rose. She also felt like she was also going home with Marcus and Josh as well, but she wasn’t sure about the fourth visit. Josh told Andi he was so excited for her to visit his hometown he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Chris told her he was falling in love with her, Dylan told her she had a big decision to make, and Nick interrupted Brian to talk to Andi.

Just before it was time to wrap things up, Chris pulled Andi outside. He told her there was something very important he forgot to do before kissing her. Once they got back inside, Chris Harrison took Andi away for the Rose Ceremony.

Andi told the guys there were six great guys in front of her, and she would be lucky to have any of them. She said the three roses were for the three she saw the most potential with. Andi offered roses to Josh, Marcus, and Chris, leaving Brian and Dylan heading home without Andi. Brian was upset to hear laughing from inside after he left.

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