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'The Bachelorette 10': Episode 6 recap

Andi Dorfman, the newest Bachelorette
Andi Dorfman, the newest Bachelorette
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The Bachelorette” moved things along to Venice, Italy tonight, June 23. The guys were excited, Nick was ready to do better on group dates, and Cody hoped for his first one-on-one date. Andi met up with the guys and surprised them with the first one-on-one date, which was for Nick and started right then.

Nick and Andi headed off on a gondola ride to explore the city. They walked around the city, went into shops, and tried some gelato. After Nick’s “salty” group date behavior, the two talked and just enjoyed each other’s company.

Back at the hotel, the group date card arrived for Josh, Brian, Dylan, Marcus, JJ, and Chris. That left Cody to receive the second one-on-one date, which he was quite excited about.

Later on, Andi and Nick changed for dinner. They discussed Nick’s behavior recently and whether or not he was getting along with the other guys. Andi wondered if Nick thought he was a front-runner, and he explained he didn’t like that term, but he felt very fortunate to share the connection they did. Nick was glad they could share the serious conversations they have and went on to say he was falling in love with Andi. She offered him the rose, and the two went outside wearing masks to listen to a string quartet.

The next morning, Andi received another letter from her secret admirer. Andi then met the guys for their group date. Andi led the guys along to take a lie detector test. She and the guys each took turns with the experts. Afterward, the experts stepped outside and gave Andi a recap of their results, including the number of lies each person told without saying who told them. Instead of reading the results, Andi ripped them up and told the guys she trusted them.

That night, Andi thanked the guys for going on a weird date with her. Brian took Andi aside and let her give him her own lie detector test. He also gave her one and asked if she wanted to make out. Marcus was impressed that Andi ripped the results up and wound up telling her he decided against leaving because he was in love with her.

Josh was really bothered by the lie detector test and wondered why Andi thought he was hiding something from her. Andi felt confused and questioned things with Josh and the group date in general. She wondered if she should have read the results. Chris sat down with Andi and told her he was her secret admirer, which she guessed before he could get the words out.

When they returned to the group, Andi offered Chris the rose, which he accepted. The other guys congratulated Chris, and JJ went off about how they shouldn’t congratulate each other for moving on, because it meant it was closer to the end for someone else. JJ just couldn’t get excited for other people’s successes. Chris told him if he wanted to act like that, it was fine, but his true colors would shine throughout the process.

Cody and Andi set off on their date and visited the spot where Shakespeare found inspiration for “Romeo and Juliet.” They then read letters at the Club Di Giulietta from people asking Juliet for love advice and tried responding to some.

Later on, the couple changed and went to dinner. Cody read Andi his own letter to Juliet. He rambled on about how he wanted to get to know Andi more, meet her family, and take her home to Chicago. He missed her tearing up, and she finally interrupted and told him she could only see a friendship between the two of them. Andi said she couldn’t keep him there any longer, and she respected him too much to keep him around to next week.

The Cocktail Party took place at the oldest winery in Verona. The moment Andi arrived, Nick took her away. The other guys were pretty upset and wondered if they should have done that themselves. Andi was impressed and thought Nick was a man for doing that. Dylan stepped in and interrupted, and Nick returned to awkwardness with the other guys. Nick explained he was thinking about his relationship with Andi, but Chris spoke up and said he felt it was an arrogant move. Josh chimed in that he wanted to talk to her right away all the time.

Brian read Andi a love note about his feelings. Josh assured Andi their relationship wouldn’t end in heartbreak and tried to make it clear that he had strong feelings for her.

Chris Harrison took Andi away to prepare for the Rose Ceremony. The two sat down to discuss Andi’s time in Italy. Andi told Chris she had an okay week, and it was definitely very emotional for her. She said her date with Nick was unbelievable and amazing. Andi told Chris she kind of regretted not reading the results and brought up Josh’s behavior.

Andi began the Rose Ceremony by explaining she was very lucky, but it was hard to send somebody home. Nick and Chris each had roses from their dates, and Cody was sent home during his, so that left one person that would not receive a rose. Andi handed roses out to Dylan, Brian, Marcus, and Josh. That meant JJ was the one going home. Andi walked him out, and the two hugged. JJ didn’t expect to be sent home. He said he had been falling for Andi since day one and could see her as his wife.

Andi returned inside, all smiles, and told the guys Italy had been great, but she was ready to move the adventure somewhere else. She announced they were heading to Brussels.

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