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'The Bachelorette 10': Episode 5 recap

Andi Dorfman, the newest Bachelorette
Andi Dorfman, the newest Bachelorette
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Tonight, June 16, “The Bachelorette” picked Andi’s journey up in Marseille, France. The one-on-one date card arrived at the guys’ hotel for Josh. Meanwhile, Chris Harrison joined Andi at an outdoor café. Chris asked if she was in love, and Andi’s response was her signature line: “Stop!”

Andi picked Josh up for their date, and the two went out on a yacht. They shared a picnic on land, and Andi worried their chemistry was purely physical.

The group date card arrived for Marcus, Dylan, Chris, Cody, JJ, Marquel, Nick, Patrick and Andrew. The card itself was blank, aside from the usual heart with Andi’s name. JJ, Nick, and Marquel got to talking, and JJ revealed that Andrew had nudged him during the first Rose Ceremony and commented that Andi gave both “blackies” a rose, referring to Marquel and Ron. Needless to say, Marquel was not happy about this.

Over dinner, Andi explained that Josh was definitely her type, but her type hadn’t always been faithful to her. Josh said he had a good feeling about them, and Andi felt like she finally let her guard down. She then offered Josh the rose, which he accepted. After dinner, they received a private concert from Ben Fields.

The guys met Andi for their group date, which turned out to be miming. All of them kept talking about how they had never mimed before like it was a common thing to do, but they eventually sucked it up and took to the streets to mime for the general public of France. JJ grabbed Andi and reenacted their first date, and Cody acted goofy with a little girl passing by.

JJ and Andi went on a ferris wheel alone together. In the meantime, things started to get awkward for the guys. Andi came back and took Chris aside to fish for some answers, while Nick and Cody continued to argue. During Cody’s time with Andi, he got right to it and said Nick made fun of him.

When Andi talked to Nick, she said he seemed salty during group dates. Andi wanted him to have fun, despite the circumstances. She told Nick she could feel something was going on, and he didn’t want to tell her about it right away. Andi asked if he would tell her if she was his wife, so he told her what happened. She felt he downplayed the situation, but he read something to her that he wrote, and they kissed. Marcus told Andi he was falling in love with her, and they also spent quite a bit of time kissing.

Marquel confronted Andrew about calling him “blackie” in front of the other guys. Andrew started laughing and said he had never said anything like that in his entire life. After Marquel spoke his peace, Andrew insisted he had never said that. Andrew told Andi what happened between him and Marquel – he felt like the drama going on was limiting him from forming a relationship with Andi. In the end, Andi offered the rose to JJ.

For their date, Andi and Brian went to watch “The Hundred-Foot Journey” in a private theatre together. After the movie, they picked up the supplies and went back to Andi’s “apartment” to cook dinner. Andi was disappointed that the two weren’t having much romance as they cooked. They weren’t pleased with dinner, so they went out to eat instead. Again, Brian talked about his regret for not being more intimate with Andi as they cooked, and the two shared some noisy kisses. Andi offered Brian the rose, which he accepted.

Andi arrived for the Cocktail Party and immediately sat down with Chris Harrison. She told Chris she didn’t want to have a Cocktail Party, so he went to tell the guys they were going straight to the Rose Ceremony. He also let them know Andi would be letting three people go. With that, Andi entered and offered roses to Marcus, Nick, Chris, Dylan, and Cody. Josh, JJ, and Brian received roses on their dates, so that left Andrew, Marquel, and Patrick as the three going home. Andi toasted the remaining guys and told them they were off to Venice.

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