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'The Bachelorette 10': Episode 3 recap

Andi Dorfman, the newest Bachelorette
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Tonight, June 1, “The Bachelorette” moved out of Los Angeles and into Santa Barbara. Andi was excited for the change and thought the dates might be a little more serious and romantic. Chris Harrison stopped in to tell the guys the plan for the week and let them know they would be staying at the mansion and traveling to see Andi. He left the first date card behind, which was for Nick.

Nick met Andi out on a pier, and the two went for a bike ride. They hiked and talked about Nick feeling skeptical about the process. He eventually admitted to having a crush on Andi. They shared dinner outside a courthouse and continued to get to know each other. Nick talked about a previous relationship during which he got engaged, but it didn’t work out. Andi was happy to see Nick had opened up and offered him the rose. They stood up on top of the courthouse and kissed to end the night.

Back at the mansion, the next date card arrived. It was for Brian, Marquel, Cody, Tasos, Brett, Ron, Bradley, Josh, Eric, Andrew, Patrick, and Marcus.

The guys met up with Andi the next day, and she showed them inside to meet Boys II Men. Then, they broke off into two groups to learn the song “I’ll Make Love to You,” which they performed later on for a crowd after watching Boys II Men give a concert. The guys absolutely butchered the song, but Andi was still happy with the date.

Later on, everyone changed, and Andi pulled Cody aside to confront him about having a girlfriend…only she was kidding. She talked to Eric next, and he was worried because he didn’t get a special greeting from her in front of the other guys. Marcus hoped for his first kiss with Andi, which he asked her for and then received. Josh told Andi how nervous she made him, and the two kissed quite a bit. Andi offered the group date rose to Josh for opening up and making her feel good.

The final date card arrived at the mansion. Nick announced it was for JJ. Dylan was disappointed, since he felt there were things about his life he wanted Andi to know.

The next day, in what may have been the strangest idea for a date in the history of the show, JJ and Andi got their makeup done to make them look 50 years older. As the makeup artists worked, a mirror divided them, so they burst out laughing the moment they saw each other. They walked along the boardwalk and tried to fool people. They even rode motorized scooters, went on a swingset, and kissed on a tire swing.

At the mansion, Ron received a phone call and shooed the cameras away. He immediately went back inside and upstairs to pack before telling the guys a close friend had passed away and said good-bye. Ron explained he wasn’t in the right place to be there and needed to be home. Later that night, Dylan opened up to Chris about what he had been through in his life and said he wanted to share those things with Andi during a one-on-one date.

Thankfully, Andi and JJ changed and returned to their normal selves for dinner. JJ opened up about being socially awkward when he was younger and talked to Andi about his life. Andi loved that he was so unique and such an individual, so she offered him the rose, which he accepted.

Andi arrived at the Cocktail Party and acknowledged Ron leaving but asked the guys to have a fun night. She and Eric stepped aside first, and he thanked her again for taking him on their first date. While they were sitting there talking, flowers were delivered to Andi, and they turned out to be from Nick. It turned the mood quite awkward, and their time wrapped up quickly. Andi sought Nick out and thanked him for the flowers. Marcus gave Andi a note to let her know he was always thinking about her.

JJ talked to Josh about Andrew getting the hostess’ number at a restaurant the first night they were all together. They both agreed it upset them, so they went to get Andrew to talk. Josh explained things to Andrew and said it was disrespectful, so they wanted to get his take on everything. Instead of hashing it out, Andrew bolted and shut the bedroom door when they followed him. Andrew finally returned and talked to the guys – he said he was handed a phone number the second or third night, and that was it.

Chris Harrison took Andi away to get ready for the Rose Ceremony. Andi told the guys it was all coming together, and she saw a lot of hope and potential. Nick, Josh, and JJ each received roses on their dates with Andi. She handed roses out to Marcus, Brian, Marquel, Tasos, Cody, Patrick, Chris, Eric, Dylan, and Andrew, leaving Brett and Bradley without roses and going home.

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