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'The Bachelorette 10': 'After the Final Rose' recap

Andi Dorfman, the Bachelorette
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The Bachelorette” continued it two-part finale tonight, July 28, with the “After the Final Rose” special. Chris Harrison offered his congratulations to Josh and Andi before talking about Nick. He explained Nick was devastated when Andi sent him home before showing footage of what happened after he went home.

Nick explained the day Andi sent him home in the Dominican Republic was easily one of the worst days of his life and was like a terrible nightmare. Getting back into the real world wasn’t what he thought it would be. He wasn’t over Andi. Nick’s mom, Mary, even weighed in and said the show was hard to watch. She thought Nick deserved to have answers and was holding onto a lot inside. Nick even tried to see Andi before the finale and showed up at the “Men Tell All.”

The footage continued as Nick sat down with Chris Harrison in his dressing room. Nick said he wanted to talk to Andi and was still in love with her, so Chris went upstairs to talk to Andi. He told Andi that Nick was there and wanted to talk to her, but Chris returned and told Nick Andi wasn’t ready to see him face-to-face. With that, Nick gave Chris a letter to give to Andi instead. (This is where last week’s clip of Chris telling Andi to read the letter came from).

They cut back to the live show, and Nick joined Chris on stage. Chris asked what was going through his mind the day Andi sent him home. Nick explained he woke up feeling pretty confident that morning and that he was blindsided – he didn’t know what to think, he was confused, and he felt like Andi gave him so many reasons to be confident. Nick said since then, it had been tough. He talked about the emotions he had been feeling and trying to get in touch with Andi.

Chris asked Nick if he thought Andi made a mistake. Nick didn’t think that was fair for him to say. He fought back tears as he said he spent a lot of time with Josh and thought Josh was a great guy. He knew Josh would appreciate Andi and take care of her, but he wondered about things with him and Andi.

Andi finally joined Nick and Chris on stage. Nick said he didn’t know if Andi read the letter and explained he wasn’t trying to pepper her with questions – he wanted the opportunity to express to her how he felt. Andi said she read the letter, and Nick thanked her. Nick was heartbroken and sad, but he remembered their talks and said Andi made him feel like he could find love again. Nick said as heartbreaking as it was that Andi made a different choice, he was eternally grateful to know it was possible to have what they had.

Andi said Nick deserved to find great love and for that to be reciprocated back to him. Nick said the hard part was feeling that was how Andi felt and then watching it back. Chris asked Andi if she loved Nick or parts of him. Andi said she wasn’t in love with Nick and would have the same relationship with Nick if she had to do it all over again. She didn’t know how it could compete with a greater love – there was nothing wrong with their relationship, but something else was better.

Nick said that was hard to hear. Knowing how in love with Andi he was, if she wasn’t in love with him, he wasn’t sure why she made love with him. Andi thought that was below the belt and should be kept private. She said the things she said to him were real. Nick said that night was fiancé stuff, and it meant so much to him – he said it meant the world to him. He said he had to play that in his mind over and over.

Andi said she went to Nick’s that morning so he didn’t have to pick out a ring or think he was going to get engaged. She did that out of respect for him.

After a preview of “Bachelor in Paradise,” Josh joined Andi and Chris Harrison on stage. They were excited for everyone to know about their engagement. Chris said it was crazy the two lived five minutes apart and ended up together. They were excited to go on dates out in public. Andi said they dressed up to sneak over to each other’s places just so they could see each other. Josh said they were madly in love, and the show works.

Andi said they were going to enjoy being engaged for a while, and Josh said he hoped for a spring wedding. Chris said they put the pregnancy rumors to rest, and Andi confirmed she wasn’t “yet.” Josh added that he was trying. They then brought out Grumpy Cat to make fun of Andi’s frowny face.

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