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‘The Bachelor: Women Tell All’ highlights: Top moments, confrontations, more

‘The Bachelor: Women Tell All’ highlights: Top moments, confrontations, more
‘The Bachelor: Women Tell All’ highlights: Top moments, confrontations, more
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One of the most anticipated episodes of season, “The Bachelor: The Women Tell All,” aired last night complete with drama, confrontation and surprising moments. On March 3, the International Business Times recapped the top moments from the show including the explosive showdown between Juan Pablo Galavis and the next ‘Bachelorette,’ Andi Dorfman.

Alli and Renee disagreed over whether or not Juan Pablo was sufficiently into them or not. While most of the women could definitely agree that this season’s bachelor was hunky and hot, that seems to be the only thing they agreed on. Most of the women felt he simply wasn’t interested in them and cited his lack of inquiring about them as proof. Renee felt her relationship with him was different because they both had kids. Alli reminded Renee that there was more than one occasion when the single returned from a date and said, “We didn’t get past Camila and Ben again.”

Kelly and Lauren S. also disagreed. Lauren S., you may remember, is the one who burst into tears because Juan Pablo wouldn’t kiss her. During “The Women Tell All,” she said JP was ‘not genuine’ and he was difficult to relate to. Kelly said that wasn’t the way it went down and that Lauren S. was acting differently now than she had during filming. Lauren defended herself saying, “I was emotional because I wanted to move our relationship forward or leave.” Kelly said Lauren had a case of “sour grapes.”

Was Juan Pablo looking for Love?

Not all the women thought so. Despite their major falling out, it was Andi who came to his defense. However, she felt he was looking for a girlfriend, not a wife whereas the women were there to find a husband.

Clare and the ocean rendezvous

The episode where Juan Pablo and Clare snuck out for a dip in the ocean during the wee hours of the morning was one of the more scandalous segments of the show. Andi and Kat who were Clare’s roommates, had no idea she had snuck out. They were impressed by her actions and most of the rest of the women said they probably would have done the same thing. Kelly and Kat agreed that what went on the hot tub was way more disrespectful than anything that might have happened in the ocean. All the women agreed that Juan Pablo’s handling of the situation was less than stellar with Sharleen saying he had a “case of buyer’s remorse” and that he “didn’t man up the way he should have.”

Sharleen’s Confrontation

From the beginning, Sharleen was reserved about Juan Pablo. Though they shared a great number of kisses throughout the season, in the end, she decided there wasn’t a “cerebral” connection.

“I knew he wasn’t the one for me, ultimately,” Sharleen said to Chris Harrison. “I could see him as someone I could date very happily.”

She admitted being very physically attracted to the bachelor and she was “curious” about him but in looking back, she didn’t regret her decision to leave.

Renee’s Confrontation

Single mom, Renee, made it to the Hometown Dates episode and was the last girl to kiss Juan Pablo. After being cut, she said the rest was hard to watch. Harrison asked if she would have done anything differently. She replied that she might have told him her feelings earlier but otherwise, no. She did suggest that she’s “Very happy” now and wouldn’t same more. The media has reported she’s engaged to a longtime friend.

Andi’s Confrontation

The relationship between Andi and Juan Pablo ended about as badly as one can, following the Fantast Suite date in St. Lucia. Prior to that night, Andi stated that she really liked Juan Pablo and could possibly fall in love with him.

As that last date unfolded, Juan Pablo focused the conversation on himself, talking about his soccer, his travels and the people he knew. He was very negative about the entire “Bachelorette” process and seemed ungrateful for the opportunity. She said “I think he actually thinks he was a great ‘Bachelor.’’

What really set Andi off, though, was when he told her that about “barely beating out Renee” to make it to the final 3. “It’s offensive but it’s also really hurtful.”

Andi was shocked and appalled by those comments. In hindsight, she wishes she had told him so on the spot instead of closing her eyes and faking sleep to end the date.

Juan Pablo’s Turn

Juan Pablo had his turn to clear the air, too.

Regarding not kissing Lauren S., ”The Bachelor” said, “I’m not here to kiss 27 women. I’m here to see how I feel.”

Cassandra argued that Juan Pablo shouldn’t have met Renee’s son during the Hometown Date if he knew Renee wasn’t the right girl for him. His response? A simple, “Why?”

Kelly, who has a gay parent, was very offended by his anti-gay remarks. Juan Pablo reiterated that his comments were taken out of context and that he wanted to speak to her after the show.

“I will not waste four minutes,” he told her. “I’d rather talk to you for an hour.”

Sharleen came to his aid on this issue, saying that during their dates, they discussed equality and that he’s very open-minded.

The Final Rose

Juan Pablo has just 2 women left – Clare and Nikki. The 32-year-old bachelor will have to make his decision and award the final rose on Monday, March 10 when the “The Bachelor” next airs.

What did you think of the “Women Tell All”? Who do you think JP will pick? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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