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‘The Bachelor' week 4: One contestant says Juan Pablo ‘isn't the one’ for her

‘The Bachelor' week 4: One contestant says Juan Pablo ‘isn't the one’ for her
‘The Bachelor' week 4: One contestant says Juan Pablo ‘isn't the one’ for her
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Things got pretty competitive in week 4 of “The Bachelor” as Juan Pablo and his bevvy of beauties headed to South Korea. According to E! Online on Jan. 27, things got down right catty.

One of the early favorites showed her witchy side while another declared that JP isn’t “the One” for her. She wasn’t one of the two girls who were sent home though.

Sharleen, who seems to be a favorite of Juan Pablo’s doesn’t seem all that in to hi. Yet, she is still very competitive. She even told him she is unsure about having kids, saying, "Kids, for me, is something that I never even thought about. I have dated someone who had a daughter...I was not ready for that." Even after that, he didn’t send the opera singer home. And yes, she’s the one who isn’t sure he’s the guy for her.

Andi won the group date rose and was labelled “perfect” by our bachelor. Clare seems to have made some progress too. Juan Pablo explained that he is helpless when it comes to her, no doubt because of the kissing skills she’s demonstrated.

Nikki the nurse may have lost a few points in spite of getting a rose. She was intrusive on Clare’s one-on-one time with Juan Pablo. She also complained about having to go on a group date, saying, “This blows. I'm halfway around the world and I'm going to be spending the day tomorrow with five other girls who are quite annoying."

Lauren S and Elise were sent home. Elise didn’t come as a surprise since she’s the one Juan Pablo refused to kiss.

Are you happy with the results of this week’s episode? Who do you want to see make it to the end on “The Bachelor” now that we’ve gotten to know the girls a bit better?

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