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'The Bachelor': Was Juan Pablo Galavis a good choice for ABC?

Juan Pablo Galavis is definitely the most controversial "Bachelor"
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

This season of “The Bachelor” has had more buzz than several seasons combined. Many viewers were excited when it was announced that Juan Pablo Galavis would be the newest contestant to take on the role of the "Bachelor". As time has gone on, the ratings have dropped and several of the women have been turned off. Galavis has made some poor choices with comments, and it looks like the distaste for him is growing at a rapid rate. According to a March 9 report from Fox News, Juan Pablo Galavis is easily the most hated “Bachelor” in the 18 seasons the show has been on the air. Does this make for good television, or does it show that the network just doesn't care who they cast as long as they get people talking?

Season 18 has been different in a lot of ways. Typically the women on “The Bachelor” leave the show in hysterics when they don't receive a rose at the rose ceremony. This time around the girls seemed remarkably composed and level-headed when they exited. Fans watched as Sharleen and Andi both self-evicted, which is a rare occurrence on a show like this. To top it all off, both ladies were fan-favorites many thought would win Juan Pablo Galavis' heart.

As “The Bachelor” wraps up Season 18, fans are breathing a sigh of relief. Juan Pablo Galavis will be out of the spotlight, and Andi Dorfman will become the new “Bachelorette.” After a tumultuous season like this, ABC should be a little bit more cautious when casting.

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