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'The Bachelor' spoilers: All the ladies vs. Juan Pablo at 'Women Tell All?'

Will Juan Pablo be put in his place on 'The Women Tell All' special?
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Every season Chris Harrison promises that the 'Women Tell All' special will be unlike any other. This time, he may actually be right. According to Reality Steve spoilers dated Weds. Feb. 26 and various sneak peeks which ABC has been teasing us with, it's going to be the ladies vs. Juan Pablo.

The 'Women Tell All' which airs on Mon. March 3 was taped on Fri. Feb. 21. Steve dishes that 17 of the women were in attendance. Of course Clare and Nikki weren't there because they're the final two. Everyone who made it past night one was there, minus Amy Long - the reporter. Also, Lauren H. (the one who was heartbroken over her fiance) and Kylie (the girl who walked up for a rose when he called Kat) will both be there though they were eliminated on episode one. Maybe they want to say something about their awkward moments on camera?

Also, among the 17 we will be seeing Chelsie, Andi, Alli, Kelly (accompanied by Molly the dog), Lauren S., Elise, Sharleen, Kat, Christy, Victoria, Cassandra, Chantel, Danielle, Lucy, and Renee.

The 3 women in the hot seat will be Andi, Sharleen, and Renee. Reportedly, Renee now has a boyfriend. We don't yet know his name, but it looks like she's moved on since Juan Pablo. Though Renee was also a favorite this season and could have easily been named the next bachelorette, it looks like she already has a guy, and Andi is going to be the one handing out roses next time (though this hasn't been formally announced yet).

Some other highlights? Sean and Catherine make an appearance to talk about marriage life. Some bloopers will also be played.

Now, here's the truly interesting part: The women seem to remain friends for the most part. Apparently they don't really grill or hate on one another. No cat fights like the typical 'WTA'.....sorry. At least we aren't hearing about any. Before you think this 'WTA' is confrontation-free though, think again. The women reportedly all gang up against Juan Pablo, and based on the ABC spoilers, Reality Steve's claims seem to hold truth.

Juan Pablo calls Cassandra's son "Trevor," instead of Trey - which doesn't go over too well. She also didn't understand why he kissed her and not Renee early on - and used the excuse that she is a mother. Cassandra said she didn't know if she should be offended or if Renee should be. Anyone else want to know if anyone brings up him dismissing sweet Cassandra on her birthday?

The women also confront him for doing a hometown date with Renee and meeting her son, only to let her go right after. (It's obvious Renee had a lot of friends on the show, which isn't a surprise to her large fan base). The irritated contestants also call him out for not spending much time with them, not taking an interest in them, and not trying to get to know them. It appears that Andi wasn't the only one who didn't feel appreciated by Juan Pablo. The women also ask him why he talked so much about himself, and why he kept using Camilla as an excuse not to kiss certain women. The ABC sneak peek shows Kat, Kelly, and Lucy all confronting someone (we are assuming Juan Pablo).

Nikki and Clare weren't much of a topic. If that doesn't tell you something, I don't know what does.

Reality Steve did tell us early on that Juan Pablo's potentials were not pleased with him. Now, it appears were going to see how displeased they actually are in the 'WTA.'

Do you plan to tune in to 'WTA?' Are you surprised to hear that the women feel this way about Juan Pablo?

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