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'The Bachelor' spoiler: Is Juan Pablo engaged & who gets the final rose?

Is "Bachelor" Juan Pablo engaged? Fans of ABC's reality show are wondering who his final pick is and if he proposes at the final rose ceremony. This season, it's been tough figuring out who has a connection with Juan Pablo. It certain that he does have the "hots" for Clare, but is that enough to make him choose her as his bride-to-be?

Is 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo engaged?

Nurse Nikki has also surfaced as a frontrunner, but how could that be? She's this season's villain, or at least she tries to be.

Spoilers have been circulating since the show premiered in January and Reality Steve claims that he is absolutely positive of how this season of "The Bachelor" will end.

Engagement does not seem to be part of the final rose deal if he's right. Of course, he was wrong about Desiree Hartsock's season of "The Bachelorette", but everyone is entitled to a mistake now and then.

Who does Reality Steve say Juan Pablo will pick?

If his prediction is correct, he will choose pediatric nurse Nikki Ferrell. That means Clare will have a total breakdown at the final rose ceremony because crying on-screen is something she does very well.

Although Juan Pablo supposedly gives Nikki the final rose, he doesn't put a big Neil Lane ring on her finger. Instead, they commit to dating.

That's Juan Pablo's way of saying, "I hope by showing temporary commitment, ABC forgets that's I said negative things about gays and gives me a spot on 'Dancing with the Stars' upcoming season."

It's clear that Juan Pablo doesn't fall in love this season. If he does, it's not shown on TV. He seems to be rather platonic with every girl on the show.

However, he does go beyond the friend zone when it comes to kissing just about every contestant on the show. After all, making out with as many women as possible is his job as the "Bachelor", or at least that's what fans have witnessed.

Do you think Reality Steve is right? What do you think about Juan Pablo giving Nikki the final rose?

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