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‘The Bachelor’ sneak peek for Fantasy Suites, nightmares for Juan Pablo and ...

Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo
Photo by ABC Promotional

The Bachelor” is winding down and this week we have back-to-back nights of special dates including the Fantasy Suites nights which end in nightmares for one contestant. According to The Hollywood Gossip on Feb. 24, one of the final three will dump Juan Pablo instead of the other way around! There are spoilers ahead so proceed with caution if you don’t want to know the details!

‘The Bachelor’ sneak peek for Fantasy Suites, nightmares for Juan Pablo and ...
Photos by ABC Promotional

On Monday night, fans will get to see the Hometown Dates as Juan Pablo takes each lovely lady back to her roots. Then on Tuesday, Feb. 25, the remaining three will each have a Fantasy Suite date night in St. Lucia. One of those dates doesn’t end so well.

The lady in question, according to insiders, enters the Fantasy Suite with The Bachelor. Once they are inside, "she sleeps with Juan Pablo." The couple then spends the rest of the night staying up and talking. That’s apparently where things go south.

Rumor has it that Juan Pablo starts telling this contestant about his Fantasy Suite experiences with one of the other girls which is a little awkward to say the least. Next, he tells this current lady that she very nearly got sent home. He spends so much time talking about himself that the woman gets fed up and eventually leaves. She is said to have called him "immature, rude and inappropriate."

The contestant, deciding the evening (and the relationship) has been ruined, "lets him have it." She informs him that never has she been with someone who asked so little about her. She continues, "There's a difference between being honest and being and a—hole."

Given that there are rumors floating around that Juan Pablo picks Nikki Ferrell and that Andi Dorfman is the next Bachelorette, it seems likely that Andi is the one who walks but we’ll have to tune in on Tuesday to find out who gives “The Bachelor nightmares and the boot.

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