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'The Bachelor' seeks 'women who like to eat' and resemble Heidi Klum

Are you on a diet that involves a lot of restrictions and rules? Well, if you're looking for love as well as weight loss, "The Bachelor" Juan Pablo Galavis has a message for you: Drop the diet and expand your caloric courage if you want to date him, reported the Miami Herald on Jan. 5.

Although he lost his search for love on "The Bachelorette" last season, now this foodie is hungry to meet his match on the new season of "The Bachelor."

What are his dating turn-offs?

"Somebody that doesn't eat. I like food a lot," declares Juan Pablo.

Therefore, don't tell him what you dislike or discuss dieting.

"So I know I don’t want to [hear]: ‘I don’t like sushi, I don't like this, I don't like that.'"

As for his own preferences: He's a junk food addict, he told ABC News on Jan. 5, noshing on Nutella and Doritos with salsa.

"I'm a fatty, yes!" he joked.

But in case you think that size doesn't matter when it comes to his dream date, you're wrong. Juan Pablo names slender, perpetual dieter Heidi Klum as his "dream celebrity date."

Memo to Juan Pablo: If you want a woman like Heidi, here's what you can expect, according to her celebrity trainer David Kirsch:

  • She needs a healthy breakfast, such as an egg-white omelette.
  • She's focused on healthy, natural foods. Offer her a fresh apple, not ice cream, on that date.
  • She eats five small meals a day of unprocessed foods.

In addition, reports People magazine, Heidi avoids bread and works out twice a day.

Hmmm. Maybe the show should be retitled: "Match-Making Mission Impossible"?

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