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‘The Bachelor’ season 18 premiere: Who got First Impression Rose?

‘The Bachelor’ season 18 premiere: Who got First Impression Rose?
‘The Bachelor’ season 18 premiere: Who got First Impression Rose?
Photo Courtesy ABC Promotional

As far as first nights on “The Bachelor” go, this one was as chaotic as most. The premiere of season 18 with Juan Pablo Galavis went off as ABC expected when it aired Monday, Jan. 6. We met Juan Pablo and the 27 ladies vying for his attention. There was also a fun clip with Juan Pablo talking to the reigning bachelor, Sean Lowe and getting tips.

Galavis is the first Latino bachelor, a fact of which he is proud. He is prouder still of daughter Camilla Valentina, 4, born on Valentine’s Day 2009. He spoke well of Camilla’s mom, calling her a great mom and a friend. After 2 years together, they split up and that’ not something he wants to ever do again. He is looking for a wife and stepmom for Camilla, someone who wants at least 2 more kids.

Sean Lowe told him things get real when that first limo pulls up. His best advice to this year’s bachelor was not to let the girls see him kiss anyone. Sean made that mistake and some of the girls were really upset. He also cautioned him to have an open mind because Catherine wasn’t even on Sean’s radar for the first 3 or 4 weeks.

With 27 women to cover, it seems to make more sense to focus on those who stayed than those who left. Here’s a rundown of the gals and how they did.

First Impression Rose – This honor went to Sharleen Joynt, an opera singer who has been working in Germany for the last few years. Juan Pablo seemed drawn to her from their first moments together and admired her dress several times. In spite of how taken he was with her, Sharleen admitted she was disappointed at the lack of chemistry but said it was too soon for her to tell if she’s really not into him.

Notable women advancing

Chelsie Webster, 24, Columbus, Ohio – She is a science teacher and started her intro to JP off with a fake lab experiment that was cute but dumb. She was also featured goofing off in the photo booth with Juan Pablo.

Renee Oteri, 32, Sarasota, Florida – This single mom used her parenthood as leverage with the bachelor and it worked. They bonded over their kids and seemed comfortable with each other.

Andi Dorfman, 26 – Andi is a tough cookie. She’s a prosecutor and comes across as intense. She was the last one out of the limo.

Nikki Ferrell, 26, Kansas City – She got an intro segment of her own due to her being a pediatric nurse, a fact that will no doubt bring her devotion to Juan Pablos attention. She’s also a stunner.

Clare Crawley, 32, Sacramento, Calif. – She got his attention by stepping out of the limo with a fake baby bump, designed to show she wants kids. She also talked about her recently deceased dad and how she adored him, another move that touched the single dad.

Alli Restko, 26 – Showed up in an evening gown wearing soccer shoes and brought her own soccer ball. They batted it around a bit but otherwise nothing much happened between them.

Lauren Solomon – Lauren turned up pedaling a bicycle contraption that moved an upright piano across the courtyard as she played it. She hit a few clunkers but managed to impress enough to stay.

Kelly Travis, 27, Atlanta, Georgia – Kelly’s most memorable contribution to the evening was bringing her dog Molly who also attended the Rose Ceremony.

Kat Hurd, 29, Scottsdale, Arizona – Kat is a dancer but asked Juan Pablo to show her how to salsa and the 2 got to dance for a moment.

Lucy Aragon, 24, Santa Barbara – This is the show’s Earth Child who showed up barefoot and remained that way throughout the night. Free spirit or wacko remains to be seen.

Chantel, 27, Miami, Florida – The meeting was brief and we really didn’t get to learn much about her.

Cassandra, 21, Shelby Township, Michigan – This was an awkward meeting where names were exchanged and not much else.

Danielle, 25, Litchfield, IL – Danielle works as a psychiatric nurse but we didn’t learn much about her either.

Amy L, 27, Clermont, Florida – She was the first out of the limos and though nothing much happened, she made an impression.

Victoria, 24, Boca Raton – The legal assistant said she was Brazil and offered to teach Juan Pablo Portuguese in exchange for Spanish lessons.

Christie, 24, Aurora, IL – She was another ‘quick hug and move on’ introduction.

Elise, 27, Forty Fort, PA – The first grade teacher gave the bachelor a gold star when she arrived.

Those Leaving

Lauren Higginson – She is the one seen crying in all the promotional clips and proclaiming ‘this isn’t me.’ Seems she had a recent bad break up and chose her alone time with Juan Pablo to tell him all about it. Not the best first impression.

Amy Jokinen - She tried to wow the bachelor with an “awkward” over the clothes massage. Her departure ticket was punched the moment she wheeled out the table.

Maggie Gantt – The first time flier was sweet but her southern belle persona didn’t cut it.

Kylie Lewis – She thought her name had been called when Kat was called for a rose and then tried to negotiate for a rose of her own.

Several others were also sent home but either had little airtime or didn’t make much of an impression.

So the premiere is behind us and now we can settle in for a few weeks of scenic locations, exotic dates, a few meltdowns and tons of drama. “The Bachelor” will air again on Monday, Jan16. Until then, check back often for updates, spoilers and news as it becomes available.

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