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'The Bachelor': Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici spend anniversary apart

Sean and Catherine spend their three month anniversary apart.
Sean and Catherine spend their three month anniversary apart.
Sean Lowe Instagram

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici from "The Bachelor" have now celebrated their three month anniversary, but they spent the new milestone in their marriage apart. On April 26, Catherine Giudici posted a photo of herself on a boat. She was attending the bachelorette party of a friend. She did make sure to send out a message on her Twitter that marked the day and its importance for her and Sean Lowe. The pair married three months ago this weekend on ABC.

Since then, the couple has adjusted to married life. They do spend a lot of time together, but they each live their own lives. They are not as attached by the hip as they were. Catherine spent the time with her friend and got her ready to join the 'married club' with her. Yes, she could have stayed home and spent the day with Sean Lowe, but it is just one anniversary. They will live lives filled with special moments and anniversaries.

From the posts on her Twitter about the bachelorette festivities this weekend, it is clear that Catherine had fun with her friend and the event. She made a few different tweets about the party weekend on her Twitter, and she was upbeat in every one. Sean and Catherine should have time to celebrate their new anniversary when she returns from the festivities.

Sean and Catherine are also busy settling into their new home still. Sean has been a bit quiet on his Twitter recently, but he did post another tweet poking fun at his wife, and he also asked his followers for advice on a custom item for their bed. Their tweets are showing that Sean and Catherine are becoming a normal married couple. Their relationship may not have started in the normal way, but it is becoming normal now that the cameras are off. What do you think about Sean and Catherine spending their three month anniversary apart?