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'The Bachelor': Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici have a kissing 'thing'

Sean and Catherine share another PDA moment.
Sean and Catherine share another PDA moment.
Catherine Giudici Instagram

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici from "The Bachelor" know how to take advantage of their time together. They don't always sit at home together in front of their television set, but they do know how to take a break and relax. Before the weekend, Catherine and Sean enjoyed a night together in front of their television set. They headed out together too. On June 6, Catherine Giudici revealed she was headed out with her man. The pair were headed to a Texas Rangers game and a concert. That was the start of their "Texas tour."

During the baseball game, the couple made it onto the jumbo screen for the entire stadium to see. They made it on kiss cam, and Catherine shared a photo of the PDA moment to share on her Instagram. She captioned the photo with "It's kinda our thing." They have not had a problem with kissing in public. They kissed for the world to see on television, and they have been known to share photos of their PDA moments on social media too.

Saturday night was day two of her tour with Sean, and it was time for George Strait, according to her Twitter. Sean had an event to attend with the country singer. Sean has kept busy since his time on the ABC reality series. He has made several appearances to speak out about his faith and his decision to wait until marriage to have sex. He was abstinent for six years before he married Catherine in January.

He does thank the show for giving him a platform that he could use to talk about his faith and his feelings about God. It was not a huge part of the show, but it has opened up the door for him to speak about it openly since. However, according to Fox News, Sean wants people to stop calling him the "virgin bachelor" now. It has always annoyed him some, but he dealt with it.

What is Sean and Catherine's next step? According to Sean, kids are next on their list, but Catherine has made it clear on social media that kids are not next on her list. What do you think? Is it time to stop calling Sean the "annoying" nickname?