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'The Bachelor' recap: Photo shoots, meltdowns & first dates

Juan Pablo chooses Clare for a first date:  Eliminates 3 more potentials.
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Can Juan Pablo possibly woo the female population anymore than he already has? Yes, yes he can. The Mon. Jan. 13 episode showed women everywhere that he's just as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. However, we will get more into that later.

Let's put first things first here. Not too surprisingly, Juan chose Clare for his first date. It's been clear from their first meeting that Juan is into her. Her fake pregnant belly won him over, and he has been giddy about her ever since. Clare seems to be one of the biggest sweethearts this season, and she is not only winning over Juan - she is also winning over viewers.

Juan blindfolds Clare, and drives her to a private outdoor skating rink. It's a night of skating (duh), tossing snowballs, sledding, and of course a little making out. Clare opens up about her late father, and the great man he was. Understandably, she now has high standards dating standards, and is wanting nothing less than the real deal. The busy hairstylist hasn't made much time for relationships, and admits it's been a long time since she's had one, or felt anything real.

Meanwhile, the less than humble Lucy is chilling out at the hot tub topless having a conversation with the other girls about Juan's date with Clare. Everyone seems to be in agreement that Juan has a definite thing for Clare. The pair's evening ends with some music and Juan's seemingly favorite activity (dancing).

Next up for a date was Kat. As stated before, one of Juan's must have qualities in a woman is that she be a dancer. Upon meeting him for the first time, Kat asked him to teach her to salsa dance. Now, the two are off for some more dancing - but they are in for anything but a private date. They fly to Salt Lake City for an electric run. They sport glow-in-the dark attire, and do the 5K with a massive group. Like Clare, Kat ended the evening with a rose. Thus far Juan is liking the blondes..

Following the two one-on-one dates was the first big group date. The "Lucky 13" head to a photo shoot for Models n Mutts. All for a good cause, the ladies must allow the stylists to get a little crazy with them. Ultimately....they will be posing with dogs....and maybe Juan.

Some of the women definitely luck out more than others. While women like Cassandra get to look glamorous and stay in what is likely her element, women like Elise and Andi are appalled at what they are asked to wear......or not wear. They are asked to pose behind a sign - wearing that, and only that. WHY is there so much nudity this season? Either way, Juan ultimately talks Andi into doing the shoot, and says he will pose with her. Elise talks Lucy into switching "outfits" with her, and of course the hippie chick couldn't be happier. Chelsie rocked a massive wig, while Kelly underwent a serious transformation - which clearly impressed Juan. Renee and Juan came super close to kissing, but didn't quite get there. Cassandra was fortunate enough to do a Lady and the Tramp spaghetti kind of scene with Juan.

Speaking of Cassandra, she later gets her one-on-one time with Juan, and confesses that she has a son at home. Juan seems to take the news just fine, and it's becoming clear that this one will be around for awhile.

While Juan is chatting it up with different ladies, Victoria absolutely loses her marbles. She insists that this is what she's like sober, but everyone knows she's hammered. Nikki tries to help a sister out, but Victoria isn't having it. She has a complete meltdown, looks ridiculous in front of Juan, and ultimately ends up sobbing in a bathroom stall.

Renee (who is a mom outside of the show) is clearly the mom of this season. In fact, if there were a "Miss Congeniality" award this just may go to her. She heads to the bathroom to counsel Victoria, and when the sobbing legal assistant won't accept the help, Renee crawls under the bathroom door anyways. However, Renee soon realizes that neither she or anyone else can calm her down. Victoria tells producers that she wants to leave right now, while they tell her they need to get her a taxi, and get things together. She throws a fit and returns to the bathroom stall to sob even more.

In the meantime, we see more of Juan with Nikki, and it becomes 110% obvious that she is one of his top choices. Sharleen apologizes for seeming ungrateful when accepting the rose last time, and admits that she simply wasn't expecting it. Victoria is transported to figure out her "mess" at a hotel. Kelly snags the group rose, because Juan felt like she was a great sport during the photo shoot.

Later, Juan visits Victoria at her hotel for a heart-to-heart. He admits that this is no easy journey, and that he was there on Des' season. However, Victoria's explanation for her out-there actions clearly don't win over Juan. He doesn't see her as someone who is ready for a relationship with someone who has a daughter. Still though, the studly soccer star is completely sweet to her though he decides to send her home before the rose ceremony.

More tears come later from Cassandra. The young mom is missing her son, and wonders if being away from him is worth it. Once again, the mature and loving Renee comes to the rescue to counsel. Juan sees the two moms relating to one another, and notices Cassandra's tears. He takes her with him, and assures her that if he didn't see anything with her or Renee, he would send them home early, because they have children he wouldn't want to keep them away from.

Okay, so Juan Pablo is not only drop-dead gorgeous....he is also truly caring. He handles the women gently and carefully. Kudos Juan....kudos!

Later, we watch Juan get some time with Amy the reporter, who seems to be one of the sweetest girls this season. He called her cute and complimented her smile. He seemed to not mind her using her reporting skills on him, but sadly, it wasn't enough to get a rose. Anyone else think he should have kept Amy longer? Chantel (who also seemed likable) was the other one left rose-less.

What do you think of this season so far? Who are your favorites? Any predictions?

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