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'The Bachelor' recap: Juan Pablo isn't "The Juan" for Andi Dorfman

Juan Pablo doesn't impress Andi Dorfman
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Following four hometown dates and Renee's elimination (which caused an angry social media storm), Juan Pablo continued his quest with Andi, Clare and Nikki on Tues. Feb. 25.

Each woman shared another date with Juan Pablo in St. Lucia. The "I'm in love with him, but I'm not ready to tell him how I feel" stuff continued from Nikki and Clare. However, the most eventful happening on Tues. can be summed up in two words: Andi Dorfman.

Though all three women wound up accompanying Juan Pablo to the fantasy suite following each one-on-one date, not all three women enjoyed their experience. While Clare and Nikki continued to rave about how wonderful everything was, Andi felt just the opposite. She wasn't feeling the love for Juan Pablo at all.. The craziest part? Juan Pablo truly believed that everything ran smoothly with Andi.

Prior to the rose ceremony, he watched a video in which all three women shared their feelings about the journey thus far. Andi's ended with her basically telling him that though they shared some amazing times, she needed to tell him something....and she needed to tell him in person.

Andi found Juan Pablo to be completely self-absorbed. He never asked her about her life, but always found a way to talk about his. He also let her know that Clare had already been to the fantasy suite with him, which she found completely inappropriate. She didn't need the obvious stated to her, but he some reason felt the need to be "overly honest." Overall, she felt like Juan Pablo didn't even attempt to get to know her. She couldn't wait to leave the fantasy suite, and woke up certain that he is not the guy for her.

When Andi confronted Juan Pablo, he didn't react much, which angered her even more. She called him out for not asking her questions about her life, for dishing too much about Clare, and for always saying "it's okay" to absolutely everything. The "tell it like it is" attorney also flat out called him annoying. She was also irritated that he said she was there by default after he eliminated Renee. Juan Pablo claims the word "default" isn't even in his vocab. The two argued back and forth and it was clear, Andi and Juan Pablo's story was going to end right then and there. Yep - Andi Dorfman exited the scene via self elimination and seemed 110% confident in her decision.

At the rose ceremony....Juan Pablo gave the roses to Nikki and Clare by default. Oh, that's right....he says he doesn't know that word. Um, he gave both of them roses because they were the only two's that? Nikki and Clare seemed puzzled by Andi's exit, but nonetheless, they happily accepted the roses.

Clare pointed out that with her Nikki being so different, Juan Pablo's final decision is going to say a lot about who he really is. Next up, we have 'The Women Tell All' special and then the grand finale!

What did you think of last night's episode? Did you agree with Andi's exit? Who do you think will be 'The Juan' in the end?

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