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'The Bachelor' premieres a wacky pool of beauties

Brad Womack returns for round 2 as 'The Bachelor'
Brad Womack returns for round 2 as 'The Bachelor'
ABC/Edward Herrera

An embalmer, a "manscaper" and a chick with fangs (no really...we're not kidding) - ohhhhhhhhhh, it's going to be a weird season on "The Bachelor."

I'm sorry....ssssssoooooooo sorry

By now, you undoubtedly know the back story on bachelor Brad. During the final rose ceremony in his first run as "The Bachelor" in 2007, he dumped both DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft and went home, well...still a bachelor. Many hated is washboard abs encased guts, while others gave the guy credit for not leading either woman on if he truly wasn't in love.

Fast forward to present day. After apparently, enduring years of intense therapy and "soul-searching" to figure out why he was such as a$$...oh sorry, why he was such a commitment phobe, Brad claims that he is a changed man - ready to find the love of his life. But first, he had to be confronted once again by Pappas (who is engaged) and Croft.

Clearly, the ladies have long since moved on...why can't ABC? Enough already.

Finally, 45 minutes into the show, bachelor Brad got to meet his pool of 30 pretty ladies.

"Bi$ch" slapped right out of the box

Supposedly, the ladies didn't know who their bachelor was going to be. Imagine their surprise when the limo pulled up and there stood Brad Womack.

The first woman to meet Brad gave him a nice smack to the face (all with a smile on her's) saying that it wasn't "from" her but rather, on behalf of women everywhere.

Ouch...literally. And yes, "Bi$ch Slapper" got a rose.

Among the most promising (at least from an entertainment standpoint):

Madison: Looking as though she walked off the set of "Twilight" this is the 25-year-old femme fatale model with the fangs. Bachelor Brad thought it was "hot" - hopefully he isn't a fan of garlic.

Raichel: The 29-year-old "manscaper" - the back story on her was hilarious. Not because she said anything particularly funny but because her "back story" consisted of clips showing men in agony as their body hair was ripped off - and some in places you might not expect!

Chantal: She spunky, she's outspoken...she's a 28-year-old divorcee.

Melissa: This 24-year-old is this season's resident drama queen.

Ashley S: She a 26-year-old nanny with a cute as a button smile and charming Southern twang. She got the first impression rose.

And finally...this writer's favorite...

Emily: She a 24-year-old single mother with a heart-wrenching back story of her own.


It's always amazing that some of these women can get so emotional so early. After being eliminated during the first rose ceremony, how much of a deep connection with Brad could they really have made?

P-a-lease! Get a grip ladies!

Brad closed the show by saying that he is sure that his future wife was in that room.

What do you think?

Do tell: Will Brad find true love? And more importantly...does he deserve this second chance?


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