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'The Bachelor' pays tribute to Gia Allemand

Gia Allemand
Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty Images

Tonight on "The Bachelor" 2014 special they paid tribute to Gia Allemand. On this Jan. 5 episode, Chris Harrison talked about how they like to think of past contestants like family. They then talked about the loss of Gia that happened earlier this year.

Chris said that she was their friend and they miss her. They showed a lot of pictures of Gia and videos of what she had to say on the show. She talked about how if you have love in your life you can accomplish anything. She mentioned having a big heart, which everyone knows that Gia had in her life.

In one clip, she talked about how girls judge her the wrong way at first sometimes, but once they get to know her they then become her best friend. Jaclyn talked about how everyone loved her and that she was easy to talk to and really sweet. Craig Robinson called her a perfect friend. They showed several clips of her with Jake Pavelka during their season.

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