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'The Bachelor' loses frontrunner: Sharleen didn't see 'forever' in Juan Pablo

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The Bachelor's” Juan Pablo was left in tears as frontrunner Sharleen Joynt decided to end it now rather than later. The opera singer just wasn't "feeling it" with the star of this "Bachelor" season. Sharleen’s departure offers up more evidence that finding a mate for life is just not going to happen in a few weeks’ time, suggests The Television on Feb. 18.

The Ottawa opera singer was not comfortable with bringing Juan Pablo home to meet her family, which was coming up next if she hung in there. The contestant that broke “The Bachelor’s” heart said that she didn’t find him “challenging enough,” reports Reality World TV.

While Sharleen and Juan Pablo shared a one-on-one date that was very hot and heavy, when Sharleen came to her senses after that date she realized that she had just gotten caught up in the moment.

The reality of the possibility of becoming a wife to Juan Pablo and a stepmother to his daughter hit her and she realized that she wasn’t sure if this is how she felt about this man. She did say he is a “wonderful man,” but he is not for her.

Juan Pablo held it together while Sharleen explained her exit to him, he even thanked her for her honesty. He also gave her a gentleman's out saying that she can’t help the way she feels. After that was over he broke down and cried.

He was looking forward to meeting her parents. The fact that Sharleen was so honest about how she was feeling made him care for her even more. The group of women left in “The Bachelor’s” litter of picks were happy to see her out of the competition because they were very aware of the Juan Pablo’s infatuation with Sharleen.

It was the thought of bringing “The Bachelor” home to meet her parents that had Sharleen go into a panic. She had only been dating this man for four weeks and she wasn’t ready to say this was her possible future husband.

Sharleen just didn’t see a “forever” in Juan Pablo, but for sure someone else on the show will!