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'The Bachelor': Juan Pablo thinks gay men are perverts who shouldn't be on TV

"The Bachelor" star Juan Pablo thinks that gay men are too perverted to be on the show
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

"The Bachelor" star Juan Pablo Galavais and "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson don't appear to have much in common at first glance. However, the buff blonde Venezuelan soccer star and the bearded backwoods hunter don't just share their reality show star status. They're also both homophobic.

According to a Jan. 18 report by People, Juan Pablo had some not-so-nice things to say about gay men during a recent interview with The TV Page. Of course he first tried to sugarcoat his views about homosexuality by claiming that he respects them (sound familiar?). "I respect [gay people], but honestly I don't think it's a good example for kids to watch that on TV," he said. However, apparently Juan Pablo thinks that it's okay for his 4-year-old daughter to watch her daddy date 27 women at once on TV. And who lets their kids watch a trashy show like "The Bachelor," anyway?

Things just got worse from there. He said that two fathers having kids is "confusing," and he threw out the R-word again. "I respect them because they want to have kids, they want to be parents," he said. Then he went to say something that proves that he doesn't respect gay people at all.

And there's this thing about gay people, that it seems to me, and I don't know if I'm mistaken or not, you know I have a lot of friends and that, they're more pervert in a sense. To me the show would be too strong, too hard to watch on TV.

What's so perverted about being in love with someone? For some reason, guys like Juan Pablo and Phil Robertson just can't get their minds off of what gay men do behind closed doors. And what's so perverted about gay sex? Straight people also have oral and anal sex. It's really ridiculous that he tried to say that he thinks gay people are perverted because he has gay friends. If he's telling the truth, they aren't going to be his friends for long.

Do you think that Juan Pablo will soon be apologizing for these comments, and will Phil Robertson's fans step in to defend him when he gets criticized?

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