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The Bachelor - Juan Pablo in the hot seat?

Juan Pablo - In the hot-seat?

Those three little words that viewers from around the world couldn’t wait to roll off Bachelor, Juan-Pablo’s lips …

If you were expecting the words ‘I love you,’ to symphonize, you’ve been played.With all due respect to Season 18’s Bachelor, this modern-day fairy tale sadly left most unconvinced.

On the set of Monday evenings ‘The Final Rose,’ Juan-Pablo openly admits to having feelings for this season’s one and only, Nikki Ferrell.
“We have plans,” Pablo says. “Now it’s real-life and we don’t have to hide.”

When asked about their alleged ‘plans,’ the new couple doesn’t reveal much, in hopes of keeping their personal life together, private.

“We’re happy, and we’re taking our relationship slow,” both Pablo and Nikki admit, to host, Chris Harrison.

With millions criticizing, Harrison made sure to keep Juan-Pablo in the hot seat.

“Do you love this woman?” The host pressed numerous times.
“Obviously you do, why won’t you say it?”

Throughout the end segment of the episode, Nikki confessed raw feelings of love and a possible happy ending to skeptical onlookers. “I’m happy, and I do love him,” she affirmed with a smile.

Seemingly disappointed, perhaps for the sake of ratings, the public appears to have confirmed assumptions of Juan-Pablo.
Well, the jury is out, and the girl is in.

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