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The Bachelor: Juan Pablo offers 3 reasons ladies will be weak at the knees

"The Bachelor" starts on Monday night and Juan Pablo is handing out the roses. The man who almost made the cut last season of the “Bachelorette” is giving love another try. On Friday the Hollywood Reporter pointed out that the former professional soccer player is the first Latin man to be picked for the show. With finesse and grace, this season is shaping up to be the sexiest ever. Add that Monday night is the first of a two part series and the ladies are already clearing their schedules to watch this popular show.

Wondering how Juan Pablo is going to make the ladies weak at the knees? Well, it isn’t going to be tough for the new "Bachelor." He has plenty to offer. Consider that he loves his daughter more than the TV show and the fan’s knees are already wobbly. The man who wants to find a woman to complete his life already has his priorities straight and it’s adorable. According to TV Guide, his child came first during the filming of the show too.

If his parenting skills aren’t proof he is going to have the ladies looking, then a quick glance at his whole package might be in order. The man is handsome (which could make knees go weak in an instant,) has a great personality and doesn’t mind offering up a good laugh at his expense. Add his Latin charm and few can argue why Pablo wasn’t the perfect choice.

A final reason why Juan Pablo will have the ladies looking? He’s a good dancer and showcases his moves on the first episode. Being a former pro soccer player the man can move, but the fans will see him bust a move on the dance floor and it’s quite impressive. His dancing definitely goes beyond what most people would assume.
Juan Pablo will give fans a reason to tune in on Monday night. "The Bachelor" is promising love, romance and exotic getaways. Let’s be real though, all that’s really needed is some close up shots at Juan and seductive music.

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