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'The Bachelor': Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell hit KC for Mother's Day

Nikki and Juan Pablo go Nascar.
Nikki and Juan Pablo go Nascar.
Nikki Ferrell Instagram

Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell from "The Bachelor" spent Mother's Day weekend together in Nikki's hometown of Kansas City. Nikki was happy showing off the fact that she was with her man in her home city. They had dinner with her family, and she even dressed him up in the colors of her hometown baseball team. On May 11, Nikki Ferrell went to her Twitter, and she revealed her day with Juan Pablo Galavis. They spent dinner with her family before spending time together to watch a "Hunger Games" marathon. Nikki even compared her time on "The Bachelor" to the film.

Juan Pablo spent the weekend in Nikki's home city, and they even attended the big Nascar race held in the city on Saturday night. Nikki shared photos from the event on social media. Even though Juan Pablo was away with Nikki in Kansas City, he managed to send a very thoughtful message to the mother of his daughter on his Twitter account on Sunday morning. It was clear with this weekend trip that his daughter was spending the time with her mother for the special holiday.

Juan Pablo and Nikki's time together is not over yet. The couple will be headed to St. Louis today to watch the Cardinals play at Busch Stadium. Nikki revealed that plan on her Twitter account. This couple has definitely gone completely public about their relationship on social media, but they are doing it on terms. Following the finale of his season of "The Bachelor" on ABC, Juan Pablo received a lot of negativity because he would not share about his relationship or feelings for Nikki.

Now, Juan Pablo is sharing it all, and he is doing it because he wants to. He is not sharing because he is being forced to share by ABC. Nikki and Juan Pablo are not afraid to show the world just how happy they are together.

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