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‘The Bachelor' Juan Pablo crushes Clare after romp in ocean, who goes home

‘The Bachelor' Juan Pablo crushes Clare after romp in ocean, who goes home
‘The Bachelor' Juan Pablo crushes Clare after romp in ocean, who goes home
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Week 5 of season 18 of “The Bachelor” was a drama fest filled with roses, seaside romps and a trip to Vietnam. Clare Crawley shows her possessive side and rubs some of the girls the wrong way. The promo video showed Clare sneaking off to Juan Pablo’s room and on Feb. 3, Zap 2 It, tells what happened when she got there.

One-On-One Date: Renee

Renee gets the first One-On-One date with our bachelor and it starts with him peddling a pedi-cab, making it difficult for them to talk. They shop for a traditional Vietnamese dress for Renee and while it is being custom made for her, the 2 single parents shop for souvenirs for their kids. Renee is touched that he’s buying a gift for her son.

The dress is finished. It’s a shimmery bluish, purple number that is just gorgeous. The couple goes to dinner where they talk about kids and parenting. They seem more like good friends than a romantic couple. Renee does get a rose but she wonders why JP hasn’t kissed her yet. He explains in a later interview saying he is looking forward to kissing her but doesn’t want to set a bad example for her son, Ben.

Group Date

This group date is composed of Andi, Alli, Clare, Cassandra, Chelsie, Danielle, Kat, Kelly and Sharleen. The group has to break off into pairs to go out on the water in some cute circular bamboo boats. There are an odd number of girls so one gets to ride with Juan Pablo – Clare.

Though he wouldn’t kiss Renee, he has no problem kissing Clare and in front of the other girls no less. Let the catty remarks begin to fly.

Next, he and girls go to work in the fields, picking produce. We’re not sure how this translates into a date activity but what the heck. Andi complains to the bachelor that she hasn’t had a solo date with him and he reassures her, saying only “trust me” and she melts like butter on toast.

During the lunch, where they got to eat what they had picked, the girls make plenty more comments about Juan Pablo and Clare making out in the boat. It is Clare who gets alone time with him first after lunch and the other girls are mostly livid. Clare ends up at the bachelor’s suite and they go swimming.

Next, Sharleen gets some alone time with Juan Pablo. During her interview, she says him to see her as "the panda in a room full of brown bears." Interesting analogy. During Andi’s time with him, the 2 head down to the beach where they swap spit.

Clare gets the group date rose and the other are visibly unhappy, especially Andi.

Later, Clare sneaks up to Juan Pablo’s suite and they take a dip in the ocean at 4 a.m. In her interview, she says they decided to just go for it and that it was "pure bliss in every way." Next came a comment comparing herself to a baby giraffe with wobbly legs. It sounds like Clare is suggesting they had sex.

One-On-One Date: Nikki

Nikki gets the “let’s make her nervous” date where they go spelunking into a cave named “Hell.” In spite of her fears, Nikki makes the descent with Juan Pablo and he kisses her halfway down. In another, prettier cave, the 2 share a romantic dinner by candlelight. Dinner chat turns serious as Nikki talks about recognizing everyone has flaws but you have to work on them. Then she talks about how and why she became a pediatric nurse and her passion for her work. There is more kissing and she ends up with a rose.

Cocktail Party

The girls cruise over to the party on a boat but are shaken when they learn 3 of them will be going home this week. Out of the 11 who started the week, 3 already have roses. That means only 5 more will be given out. Then Clare toasts the group saying, "Cheers to finding love, being loved and making love." It really does sound like she and JP did it.

Juan Pablo finally kisses Renee and she acts like it’s her first time ever, squealing and spinning – she does this privately, thank goodness.

Finally, there is the Juan Pablo-Clare showdown the teasers have been promising. The bachelor tells Clare that what happened between then wasn’t fair to the other girls. Clare begins to cry. He continues explaining that they shouldn’t have sneaked off behind everyone’s back like they did. Clare defends their actions saying, t’s not about being fair but about listening to your heart.

The conversation shifts and Juan Pablo explains what’s really bothering him. It’s his daughter. "I don't want her to see what happened. If she sees it, I don't think it'll be that nice." Clare cries some more and tells him it wasn’t her intention to disrespect his daughter.

In her interview, Clare says Juan Pablo was "on board" with what went on in the ocean, in her opinion. She would have respected his wishes if he had conveyed them to her that night. Sounds like JP is regretting his actions and trying to do a little damage control.

Rose Ceremony

Clare, Nikki and Renee had already received their roses. The other 5 went to Sharleen, Cassandra, Chelsie, Kat and Andi. Alli, Danielle and Kelly were sent home.

Week 6 heads to New Zealand for a little horseback riding. It looks as if Andi will finally get her one-on-one date. Clare will continue to struggle with the aftermath of her rendezvous with JP and is it possible that Sharleen will be leaving? Tune in to find out!

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