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‘The Bachelor’ Juan Pablo break up with Nikki Ferrell? Stars back at work

If “The Bachelor” fans were wondering how long the relationship between Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis would go before the two headed their separate ways, a partial answer to the question has been revealed. As the couple was inseparable before, it appears they are now thousands of miles away and back at work. According to WetPaint on Wednesday, the two stars really aren't together anymore and it might be because of circumstance or maybe the whirlwind romance is over.

He gave her a rose, but did he give her his heart?
The Bachelor / Facebook

Apparently Juan Pablo has returned to Miami and the ABC star was serving jury duty this week. Looking to find innocence in a case or two, he only served for a day and it is doubtful he would catch a case. Then, he was seen back at work. Sitting in the stands on a baseball spring training, the man collects signed memorabilia for his employer.

Nikki Ferrell is back at the hospital working. The Kansas City resident is back to wok taking care of kids as a pediatric nurse. Looking to make the world better one kid at a time, it seems her focus is back on work.

Many fans were upset with the finale of "The Bachelor" and were feeling as if it were a giant hoax. In the video above celebrities voiced their opinion of the show. If the rumors of splitting up are true, then perhaps the finale was too much for the couple to handle.

With so many miles between them, viewers of “The Bachelor” have to ask themselves if they really think the two stars will have a real relationship. It’s quite doubtful, but who knows. If they are happy after the fame of being on the reality show, then they got exactly what they were looking for!

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