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'The Bachelor': Is Juan Pablo broke, being paid to propose? still close with ex?

'The Bachelor': Is Juan Pablo broke, being paid to propose? still close with ex?
'The Bachelor': Is Juan Pablo broke, being paid to propose? still close with ex?
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Tonight on “The Bachelor” 2014, Juan Pablo Galavis will give the final rose to one woman and, in theory, his heart but rumors are circulating that he is broke and this whole thing was all about the money, not love. According to a March 8 post Latin Post, the 32-year-old soccer player is still close with his ex and already flirting with other woman while still seeing his ‘Bachelor’ winner.

Is ‘The Bachelor’ broke?

The website cites the latest edition of Life & Style which reportedly reveals details about Galavis’s private life. A source close to the show was quoted as saying "The cash is running out – fast. Nobody seems to know how Juan Pablo makes a living. During the week he spends his time going to the gym or the beach. His life in Miami seems rather mundane."

Is he being paid to propose?

Reality Steve, who has been accurate a great deal of the time, reports that season 18 of ‘The Bachelor’ ends without a proposal. He also claims that "there is a monetary offer on the table for Juan Pablo to propose Nikki on the "After the Final Rose' show." “After the Final Rose” airs March 10 and ABC is teasing a “shocking outcome of the show" in a recently released press release. Could Juan Pablo really be proposing for money?

Are Juan Pablo and the winner together?

Rumors have been circulating in recent weeks that Juan Pablo has been seen looking cozy with no less than three women – none of them are the finalists on tonight’s show. He also maintains a cozy relationship with the mother of his daughter, Camilla. The same show source says Galavis isn’t ready for

"They share a bond that appears to extend beyond their daughter," the source claimed.

SPOILER AHEAD: By the time the finale of “The Bachelor” airs, all of the world will know that Juan Pablo gives the final rose to Nikki Ferrell but he does not propose to her. Supposedly they are still together but the single dad is reportedly flirting openly with other women.

‘Bachelor’ host Chris Harrison recently shared his thoughts on the Bachelor.

"Juan Pablo can be his own worst enemy," he said in an interview with TV Guide. "Whether this was a good fit or not or the best decision, I feel like he's fought it. For me, he gets really defensive and short and that's when he says, 'OK' or 'perfect,' whereas normally you'd have a response. He either gets defensive or goes into dad mode and he talks to them like they're his daughter, and says things like, 'Don't be sad,' and touches their hair."

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