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'The Bachelor' host talks gay bachelor and his choice for a bachelorette

The Bachelor host talks gay bachelor
The Bachelor host talks gay bachelor

"The Bachelor" host Chris Harrison did an interesting interview with the New York Times on Feb. 28 where he was talking about who he thought would be a perfect choice for the next "Bachelorette." He also answered the controversy about a possible gay bachelor by comparing the contestants to food.

The most controversial answers in the interview was about the idea of a gay bachelor, something that this season's bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis doesn't think would work due to it being "more perverse."

Harrison was smart and avoided that remark but he did agree that it might not be the best idea. According to Harrison, it would be similar to a person making pizzas for a living. He asked why a person who has made pizzas for 12 years, and made millions doing it, would suddenly decide to make hamburgers.

While some made it sound like he was comparing gay people to hamburgers, that is not really true. He was simply talking about having a franchise that is doing well and then trying something completely different. As he said, "The Bachelor" is a business model and introducing a gay bachelor might be too risky from a financial standpoint.

As for his idea for a perfect "Bachelorette," Harrison said that he feels his ex-wife would be a perfect choice. He said he would even be willing to host the show and produce it as well. Of course, that would mean he would help choose the contestants and then sit down and interview his ex-wife after the dates.

How awkward would that be?

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