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‘The Bachelor’ host Chris Harrison admits to being frustrated with Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo frustrates Chris Harrison
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Last night’s finale of “The Bachelor” was a shocker to most fans of the reality show. It was also a tense time for host Chris Harrison as he had to ask Juan Pablo Galavis the usual questions that he always asks during the “After the Final Rose” show. In an interview posted on Yahoo News on March 11, Harrison admits that he feels frustrated with him.

While interviewing Juan Pablo last night in front of millions of viewers, Harrison seemed dumbfounded by the ‘non-answers’ he got from him after he asked the question of whether he is really in love with his final girl, Nikki Ferrell. Juan Pablo seemed confused as to why the host, and all of America, was left wondering why he signed up for the show in the first place.

Chris Harrison said that most people thought that he didn't like Juan Pablo or that he was angry with him. However, the 42-year-old host said that he was just trying to help him during this season, so he was mainly just frustrated with the Venezuelan. It was obvious to some viewers that Harrison was not on the show much at all during this season and this may be the reason why.

Harrison also said that Juan Pablo seemed to fight the whole process of “The Bachelor.” That was quite obvious last night when the former soccer player decided not to reveal any personal details on his feelings towards Nikki and says that he doesn't want any publicity from now on about their relationship. Last season’s bachelor, Sean Lowe, even chimed in on how publicity is what you sign up for, even after the show ends. Juan Pablo didn't seem to understand that.

When asked if Juan Pablo is capable of love, Chris Harrison answered, “That is a multi-million dollar question. I don’t know.”

What are your feelings on what occurred during the finale of “The Bachelor” last night?

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