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The Bachelor Finally Gets Real

The Bachelor's Clare & Nikki
The Bachelor's Clare & Nikki
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Last night was the season finale of The Bachelor and the outcome was unlike anything fans have observed before. The Bachelor Nation anxiously tuned in to see if the rumors were true that Juan Pablo wouldn't choose either of the final two women, Nikki and Clare. Over the years, we've witnessed fairy-tale proposals on the season finale, no proposals to any of the women, rejection from both parties and a change of heart during the special, After the Final Rose. Remember when Jason broke up with Melissa and chose Molly after already proposing to Melissa? Talk about confusion, Chris Harrison. Just as Harrison promises every season, the outcome of the 27th run was definitely dramatic. The most dramatic season ever? You decide.

Juan Pablo has received a lot of negative attention from the media ever since his homophobic comments last month expressing that gay people are more “pervert” than straight people and a gay bachelor wouldn't work in our country because it would be too much for us to handle on television. He's also been accused of cheating on past lovers, stirring up unnecessary drama with friends and has been labeled as an overall playboy not ready to settle down. Even his family acknowledges his often stubborn, cocky behavior. Say what you want about the hunky heart-breaker, but one thing is for sure: Pablo was not giving in to what everyone else wanted.

When Juan Pablo rejected Clare, it came as no surprise that Nikki would be the last one remaining, but when he told her “I really like you,” social media outlets exploded. Instead of getting on one knee and proposing to the beautiful blonde, he presented her with a rose and confessed he wasn't 100% sure if he wanted to be engaged. While so many people were outraged by his decision, I respect his wishes to not give Nikki false hope and put a ring on it just because that's the “norm” and the obvious expectation to do so. The show is an outlet to find love, so why all the criticism towards them because they're not engaged? Plenty of people can find love and not jump into an engagement after such a short period of time.

During the After the Final Rose special, Chris Harrison grilled Pablo on why he couldn't admit he found love and became frustrated that Pablo responded with such a passive, nonchalant attitude on every question asked of him. Pablo repeatedly gave the same answers; that he and Nikki were in a good place and now that the cameras were off, they could really begin to explore each other and their relationship. Baffled by the confusion of Chris Harrison and the audience members alike, Pablo and Nikki continued to almost mock the entire situation and gave nothing romantic and mushy to satisfy Harrison. While I do understand that when you sign up for a show like this, it's expected that you play out the role and give America what they want, but I kind of like the fact that Pablo wasn't playing into that repetitive ritual and took a more realistic approach to dating. I mean they've only known each other for a few months, why not let them be happy exploring each other on their own time and in privacy? Most people in everyday life do not get engaged to someone they have only known for a short period of time. It should also be noted that the majority of couples who “found love” and received that happy ending of the show we've seen time and time again end up splitting a few months after the engagement.

So kudos to the new couple for marching to the beat of their own drum and responding with what I perceive as normal answers from a duo who practically just met. It's refreshing to see a Bachelor shake things up a bit and take an approach that could actually benefit the two in the long run. I also think Pablo was so fed up with all the rumors created by his stint on the show that he purposely pissed of ABC and producers of The Bachelor to make a statement: It's okay!