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'The Bachelor' final rose spoiler: Who does Juan Pablo pick & is he engaged?

Who does "Bachelor" Juan Pablo give the final rose to?
Who does "Bachelor" Juan Pablo give the final rose to?

Wondering who "Bachelor" Juan Pablo's final pick is and if he proposed at the final rose ceremony?

Spoilers about the season finale of "The Bachelor" are hard to avoid and fans who enjoy them are gossiping like crazy about who Juan Pablo chooses in the end. (Spoilers below, so don't read if you don't want to know)

Of course, Reality Steve (Carbone) claims he has a handle on who gets the final rose this season and claims he's 100 percent right.

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That wasn't the case last season when Desiree Hartsock gave away her final rose to Chris Siegfried, but Carbone seems to be a lot more certain that he's completely spoiled Juan Pablo's season by announcing the winner of ABC's popular reality show.

Who does Juan Pablo Galavis pick?

It looks like he will pick the villain, similar to Ben Flajnik's pick, drama-queen Courtney Robertson. If Reality Steve's prediction is right, Juan Pablo will choose pediatric nurse Nikki Ferrell from Kearney, MO.

However, the couple won't ride off into the sunset and start planning their dream wedding like former "Bachelor" Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici did.

Is Nikki Ferrell the latest ‘Bachelor’ beotch?

Carbone reports that Juan Pablo will not propose to Nikki at the final rose ceremony. Perhaps he just picks her to make the producers happy.

After all, it would make perfect sense for him to transition on to "Dancing with the Stars" when this season of "The Bachelor" ends.

However, Reality Steve seems to be confident that this time his spoilers are correct, although he doesn't rule out the possibility of an edit now that he has spilled the beans.

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Carbone writes on his blog, "Juan Pablo chose the biggest b***h in the house, and the girl that will be this season’s villain. From all accounts that I’ve been hearing for the last month or so, Nikki likes very few people and very few people like Nikki. Now that the spoilers are out there, could they change up Nikki’s edit? I mean, I guess they could. But apparently when you’re a raging bitch all season that never had anything nice to say about anything, it’s gonna be kinda hard. And ultimately, it’s probably why Juan Pablo chose her in the end and didn’t propose."

With what little we know about the girls so far, it's hard to say who Juan Pablo is a good match with. It's far too early in the season to venture a guess, so for now, we'll go with what the spoilers say and cringe when we find out that Juan Pablo picks someone he will likely never marry.

Just another fairy tale "Bachelor" romance that won't pan out. Is anyone surprised?

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