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'The Bachelor' dwindles down the hopefuls as a catfight erupts

Who will receive the final rose on "The Bachelor"?
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Finally, a little infighting among “The Bachelor" hopefuls occurred on Monday night to awaken what has become a boring season. The highlights of the episode: Nikki labels Clare a dog and Sharleen says goodbye to a possible future with Juan Pablo Galavis.

Sharleen proved if you can’t take the heat then get out of the bachelorette pad, or something like that. It came as no surprise when Sharleen left the throes of Juan Pablo’s passion, after all it was teased last week, and she’s made little secret of her confusion. However, “The Bachelor” had a special place in his heart for the opera singer and was clearly hurt by Sharleen’s departure.

Nikki and Clare ended the episode in Miami with a minor catfight, and it’s about time; this season of “The Bachelor” has been dull indeed. After a tit-for-tat of polite words, Nikki compared Clare to a dog that has marked her territory.

Clare is like a dog. She peed on him first. She claimed her territory, and the fact is, she claimed some territory that might not be hers.”

The girls felt the pressure as the hometown dates were on the line, but as expected, Chelsie was sent home and Clare has lost her ally. Next week’s two-night “Bachelor” event on Monday and Tuesday promises double the drama that will “shock America,” as the families of the bachelorettes do not seem happy with Juan Pablo Galavis. We’ll see!

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