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'The Bachelor': Do Juan Pablo Galavis and Andi Dorfman still talk?

Juan Pablo Galavis is still friendly with Andi Dorfman
Juan Pablo Galavis is still friendly with Andi Dorfman
Juan Pablo Galavis Twitter

The blowout between Juan Pablo Galavis and Andi Dorfman at the end of his season of "The Bachelor" on ABC still gets talked about, and fans will more than likely be reminded of that confrontation again when Andi kicks off her season of "The Bachelorette." On May 12, Juan Pablo Galavis made a surprising reveal during a conversation with fans on his Twitter account. It appears that he and Andi still talk. How is this possible with the fight they had to end things on his season. Everything was definitely not okay between the pair.

Juan Pablo began this conversation with his fans when one of them asked if he planned to watch "The Bachelorette" premiere on Monday night. He said that he wouldn't watch, but he would call Andi to find out her take on it. Fans started buzzing about the fact that Juan Pablo would call her. One even said that he probably doesn't even have her number. He revealed in another tweet that he has talked to Andi via Face Time. He also said there were no hard feelings.

As surprising as this reveal might be initially, Andi and Nikki are best friends. On the night of the finale, the three shared a photo together on social media. Yes, Andi and Juan Pablo did not work out, but it looks like Juan Pablo has moved on from the show and the incident. ABC will use the incident to kick off Andi's journey, but one does have to wonder if ABC is making a bigger deal out of everything than the situation really called for. The network does want viewers, but is this the right way to do it?

For now, Juan Pablo is focusing on his life with Nikki Ferrell, his little girl, and his career. He was in St. Louis yesterday, according to his Twitter. Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell have definitely ignored the drama and negativity surrounding their relationship. They seem to be genuinely happy with each other.

What do you think? Are you surprised that Juan Pablo and Andi still talk? Share your thoughts below.