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'The Bachelor': Catherine Giudici returns home without Sean Lowe

Catherine Giudici returns to Seattle for a visit without Sean Lowe.
Catherine Giudici returns to Seattle for a visit without Sean Lowe.
Catherine Giudici/Twitter

Catherine Giudici from "The Bachelor" is back at home in Seattle, and she is without her husband for the trip. Sean Lowe is back in Dallas. On April 11, Catherine went to her Twitter to announce her return home to Seattle. She did not reveal the reason for her return to the city, but she did give fans updates about the things she did on her trip back. She played tourist in her home town. She even admitted that in one of her tweets.

On Friday, she attended a Seattle Mariners game, and she was instrumental in getting a hashtag about the game trending on Twitter. Saturday, she spent the day exploring the city, and she even visited one of the locations she visited with Sean during the hometown date from his season. She complained about her feet being tired from all her exploring of the city.

While Catherine did not reveal the reason for her trip, fans should not look at the trip as a sign of trouble for the couple. Catherine tweeted not just once but twice about missing Sean. The pair have spent a lot of time apart from each other in recent weeks. First, it was his trip to Canada for his work, and now this new trip for Catherine back to her home city.

The last time she returned to Seattle was for their engagement party, and that happened months ago. It is definitely good to return to your roots and visit your family when you find the time. The return home could also relate to the launch of her new career endeavor as well. No matter the reason for the trip, Catherine has made it clear that she is missing Sean back at their home in Dallas while she has fun reconnecting with Seattle during this trip.

It isn't clear how long her trip is for, but she is having fun. She will be back with Sean soon enough. What do you think of this new trip of Catherine's?