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'The Bachelor': Catherine Giudici has an adventure with Sean Lowe

Sean Lowe takes his wife to theatre for her birthday.
Sean Lowe takes his wife to theatre for her birthday.
Catherine Giudici Instagram

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici from "The Bachelor" have now celebrated more milestones in Catherine's life together. Her birthday was on Tuesday, and she spent the day having a birthday adventure that ended with Sean Lowe. On April 29, Catherine Giudici tweeted about the first part of her adventure. She went to the Perot Museum to start off her day.

That was only part one of her day. How old did Catherine turn? She turned 28, and it was a big day for her. The second part of her day featured a stop to the nail salon. Catherine had mentioned in tweets following her marriage to sean Lowe that she was giving up manicures to stay on budget. It seemed only fair that she treat herself to a manicure on her birthday. The last stop on her birthday adventure was a theater date with Sean Lowe. She tweeted a photo of the two of them at the theater.

Sean Lowe made sure to send his wife a message on Twitter wishing her a happy birthday, but it wasn't just her birthday on Tuesday. April 29 was also the day that she launched her new line of stationary. The project is something she had been teasing on her Twitter for weeks to her followers. Now the line has launched, and she is keeping busy designing new items for line. She spent Wednesday working on even more designs for her line.

Catherine seems to have her life set. She has the man. She is married to him, and she now has a new career opportunity that is taking off. She wasn't able to work much since her time on "The Bachelor." However, that has now changed. She is focused on creating a life with Sean Lowe, and she is not one to sit around it seems. She made her dream a reality, and she is starting a new year of life with a focus on what is ahead. What do you think of Catherine's birthday adventure?