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'The Bachelor' 2014 winner: Juan Pablo's baby mama could be a problem for her?

"The Bachelor" 2014 winner may have a problem with Juan Pablo's baby mama, according to a blog post by Reality Steve Jan. 7. The show's main spoilers source brought up an interesting point...that Juan Pablo is on good terms with his four-year-old daughter's mother, Carla Rodriguez. In fact, Carla was watching Camila while filming of "The Bachelor" was going on in LA and again in Miami when it was down to the final six.

Warning: If you do not want to know who "The Bachelor" 2014 winner is, stop reading now.

Juan Pablo and his ex-girlfriend get along great it sounds like and the winner of the show is not likely to accept everything he comes with besides his little girl.

In earlier spoilers, Reality Steve revealed that Nikki Ferrell wins in the end.

This is what he wrote regarding Nikki and how some women might feel about Juan Pablo and Carla's relationship:

"She will always be a major part of Juan Pablo and Camila’s life, and if you think for a second that will not come in the way of his relationship with him and Nikki, I’m not sure what to tell ya’. Not every woman out there is cut out to immediately step into an already formed family. Especially one where Juan Pablo has such a close relationship with the mother. Good luck, Nikki. Hope that works out for ya."

Juan Pablo and Carla were together two years before they broke up. Reports have stated that Carla supports Juan Pablo's gig on "The Bachelor."

As "The Bachelor" 2014 winner, will Nikki be good with Camila's mother being so present in her relationship with Juan Pablo?

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