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‘The Bachelor’ 2014 week 3 spoilers: Who was sent home?

‘The Bachelor’ 2014 week 3 spoilers: Who was sent home?
‘The Bachelor’ 2014 week 3 spoilers: Who was sent home?
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Juan Pablo went into week 3 of his journey to find love on “The Bachelor” with 15 girls remaining in the stable. International Business Times posted a Jan. 20 recap of the kiss-fest and we’ve got other show highlights below.

The first one-on-one date went to NBA dancer Cassandra. The 21-year-old accompanied the 32-year-old single dad for an ocean-side drive until they reached a waiting yacht. After a few steamy kisses and some water play, the couple headed over to Juan Pablo’s place for a romantic, home-cooked dinner.

Things get more intimate as Cassandra opens up to JP, saying she hasn’t gone on a first date in 3 years. They salsa dance and, talk about how hard it is to be single parents and look at photos of their respective kids. Cassandra earned a rose from Juan Pablo who said, “She’s beautiful, funny, and she dances. And I want to get to know her more.”

The Group Date had all the girls except for Clare, Elise, Chelsie and Cassandra playing soccer with the Bachelor. It took place at the L.A. Galaxy stadium with the girls decked out in cleats. After teaching them some moves, the former pro soccer player split them into teams and a rousing and competitive game ensued.

Afterwards, everyone got cleaned up and attended a post-game cocktail party on the field. All the girls were doing their best to get a little alone time with JP, hoping to win the group date rose.

Nikki revealed she was afraid of getting hurt but JP reassured the pediatric nurse, saying “I like your vibe. You’re sexy.” Andi took things in a different direction, revealing that things got serious for her today. Juan Pablo must have liked what he heard because he pulled her into the concession stand for a passionate kiss.

Sharleen told him how uncomfortable it was sharing a house with other women who were vying for his attentions. The Bachelor kissed the opera singer after telling her how much he liked her “class.” Sharleen pulled J in for another kiss and many of her housemates watched in jealousy.

Nikki got the group date rose, which left Sharleen feeling uncertain of where she stood.

Chelsie won the second one-on-one date which left her ecstatic. Elise who lost out on the date began whining about her loss and making disparaging remarks about Chelsie, She said, “I just don’t know if she’s ready to be a stepmom. She just seems like a baby to me. I don’t think another daughter is what he wants.”

The date included a dinner at a Venezuelan restaurant where they enjoyed a romantic meal. Things changed when Chelsie learned they would next be going on a tandem bungee jump. She has a fear of heights and she completely freaked out. She cries and Juan Pablo says she doesn’t have to jump if she isn’t having a good time. His soothing words convince her, however, and Chelsie relaxes because she trusts him. They followed that with a romantic dinner where JP rewards her courage with a rose. Then Chelsie and Juan Pablo are whisked off to see a Billy Currington concert.

The morning of the Rose Ceremony, Juan Pablo slips into the mansion and prepares a Venezuelan breakfast for all the girls. This makes some of the girls less than happy that he will see them with bed head and all. That’s just what he wants to see though, how they look sans the makeup and hair treatments.

Instead of the traditional cocktail party, Juan Pablo opts for an all-day pool party. With the Rose Ceremony on everyone’s minds, it does little to calm the girls’ nerves.

Finally it is time for the week 3 Rose Ceremony. Cassandra, Nikki and Chelsie all have roses already. The remaining 12 girls line up to await their fates. Ten girls were spared and Lucy and Christy were sent home. And then there were 13.

“The Bachelor” will return Monday, Jan. 27. Until then, check back often for more news and updates.

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