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'The Bachelor 2014' update: Juan Pablo Galavis led producers to expect proposal

Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell from 'The Bachelor 2014'
Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell from 'The Bachelor 2014'
Copyright ABC/Rick Rowell 2013

Things got awkward Monday during the “After the Final Rose” special for ABC's “The Bachelor 2014” with Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell. Fans had been teased that Galavis had a big surprise, seemingly a proposal, but things seemed to fall apart as Chris Harrison set things up for the big reveal. Just what went down? E! Online says they have the scoop.

Reports indicate Juan Pablo Galavis led on 'The Bachelor 2014' producers
Copyright ABC/Craig Sjodin 2013

According to E! Online, the hunch many “The Bachelor 2014” fans had was exactly right. Juan Pablo Galavis had told producers he was going to surprise the audience with something big, and they were led to believe he was going to propose. Clearly he didn't, but production had the big Neil Lane ring Galavis had chosen in St. Lucia handy just in case. Fans could tell that something went awry during that segment, and now it seems Juan Pablo was just toying with everybody all along. Sadly some might expect that Nikki probably was unknowingly caught up in all of this too, but she seems to be standing by her man for now.

Even crazier, sources for E! Online share that Juan Pablo never actually intended on proposing. Rather, it seems he was just toying with production. Why would he do that? Some would say this just seems like typical Juan Pablo ego at this point. Though there have been bachelors in the past that both fans and production disliked by the end of the season, many feel at this point that Juan Pablo Galavis takes the cake. Production hasn't been happy with Juan Pablo, and it sounds like perhaps this was his way of trying to get back at them.

As for the future for Juan Pablo and Nikki? The sites source says, “I would give it less than a month.” Some from the “ATFR” audience shared that they felt Juan Pablo was really controlling with Nikki and that she “just gives in,” while others indicated that “No one left the taping thinking this relationship is going to last.”

Do you think there is any chance for Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell to make it past “The Bachelor 2014” post-finale honeymoon?

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