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'The Bachelor' 2014 update: Juan Pablo and his lady get time together after show

Juan Pablo Galavis
Juan Pablo Galavis
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

"The Bachelor" 2014 is not done airing yet, but Juan Pablo Galavis has already made his pick. Now if they want to see each other they have to hide out. In new huge spoilers, it looks like they were together just this week. On Feb. 6, Wet Paint shared about how Juan Pablo and another lady from the show were both off on airplanes this weekend. Who is the lucky girl?

Reality Steve has already revealed who Juan Pablo picked. He says that Nikki Ferrell is the big winner but that he didn't actually propose. Now they both shared on social networks that they were flying away this week. Once they did it, they decided that people would probably figure it out and Nikki posted a picture saying she was in Colorado while Juan Pablo posted one saying he was in California. Nobody fell for their tricks.

It does sound like the two are still together. There are no reports of Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis splitting up. Hopefully Reality Steve got it right this time.

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