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‘The Bachelor’ 2014: There’s someone who won’t be watching steamy love scenes

The Bachelor 2014
The Bachelor 2014
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It happens every season; steamy, romantic encounters begin to happen on “The Bachelor.” Juan Pablo Gavlavis’ season will be no different! The dates beginning on Monday night will also bring the beginning of many kisses and moments of passion as Juan Pablo gets to know the ladies trying to steal his heart. Wet Paint reported on Jan. 11 that there is one person who won’t be watching these intimate moments.

Juan Pablo has said that he will not allow his daughter, Camila, to see him kissing the ladies on the show. He said she was allowed to watch the premiere but now that the romance is about to kick off she will not see it.

Juan Pablo has made it clear that Camila is the most important part of his life and he wants to be a good example for her. He said this is not just a rule for “The Bachelor.” He said he never lets her see romantic things between him and his dates. Juan Pablo says he will not do that until he is sure he is bringing home “the one.”

Will Juan Pablo’s journey lead him to the one he can introduce to Camila as his girlfriend or fiancé?

A special “Behind the Scenes” episode of “The Bachelor” airs Sunday, Jan. 12, on ABC at 7 P.M. CST. Episode 2 will air Monday at 7 P.M. CST on ABC.