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The Bachelor 2014: Tabloid claims Juan Pablo Galavis is 'deadbeat dad' (Video)

The Bachelor 2014 officially begins on Monday night (Jan. 6) with the two-hour premiere, but a one-hour preview that ran Sunday night gave us a sneak peek of what's to come.

'The Bachelor' 2014 star Juan Pablo Galavis is being accused of some nasty things by the National Enquirer. Read more here.
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Juan Pablo Galavis is portrayed as a hunky, Latin soccer god and devoted father to his young daughter Camila. He will be given his pick of 27 women - that's two more than usual - in the hopes that ABC cameras will be able to capture a marriage proposal during the season finale and then broadcast it into millions of living rooms across the country. (Check out the latest Bachelor spoilers here and see if they suggest a proposal or not, and if so, for which girl.)

But is there more here than meets the eye? New rumors are suggesting Juan Pablo isn't exactly who he claims to be.

The Bachelor 2014: Tabloid Claims Juan Pablo Galavis Has a Dirty Secret

According to the National Enquirer, the sexy 32-year-old from Miami with ties to both New York (where he was born) and Venezuela (where he was raised) is hiding something behind that charming smile. Their claim? Juan Pablo is a deadbeat dad!

Now, we're the first to regard anything from the Enquirer as suspect. Still, the tabloid claims to have dug up court documents that suggest J.P. ended up in arrears with his child support payments. "The Florida Department of Revenue's Child Support enforcement Program slapped Juan Pablo with an income deduction order, requiring employers to automatically deduct $243.94 per month for child support, plus $49.00 per month for retroactive child support until the outstanding balance of $3,574.57 was paid," tattles the Enquirer. (Check out their full story here.)

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Here are the facts: Juan Pablo fathered a child with an actress named Carla Rodriguez in 2008; little Camila Valentina was born on Valentine's Day 2009. Juan Pablo and Carla split up about two years later, and last year, J.P. went looking for love on The Bachelorette. Though he and Bachelorette Desiree got along very well, the intense chemistry Desiree was looking for just wasn't there. Now, it's Juan Pablo's turn to pick and choose from a bevy of female suitors as the star of The Bachelor 2014.

In ABC promos, his online bio and especially in The Bachelor Season 18 preview show on Jan. 5, Juan Pablo comes across as a father who is deeply and truly in love with his daughter. He is the picture of devotion. So what gives? We're not exactly sure, so we're reserving judgment. Perhaps the child support in dispute was from a time when he and Carla were still together and splitting day-to-day expenses. Perhaps ABC just does one hell of an editing job. We can't say for certain.

Little Camila looked happy and well-cared for and the newest Bachelor star seemed intent on finding not just a new girlfriend or wife, but the right step-mom for his daughter. On the face of it, Juan Pablo Galavis looks like a seriously sexy, emotionally genuine, family-oriented guy; let's hope we don't learn anything to distort that view, because what a view it is!

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