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‘The Bachelor’ 2014 spoilers: Who was sent home on her b-day in episode 6?

‘The Bachelor’ 2014 spoilers: Who was sent home on her b-day in episode 6?
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Week 6 of “The Bachelor” took place in New Zealand” where there were 2 one-on-one dates, a group date and one contestant sent home on her birthday. International Business Times shared the fun on Feb. 10.

First One-On-One Date

The first one-on-one date honors went to Andi Dorfman, the only bachelorette to hasn’t had a one-on-one date with Juan Pablo. The couple takes a speedboat out to a secluded part of the river where they jump into the water. From there they traverse a narrow cave opening to find a beautiful waterfall and hot springs. They share a drenched dinner in front of a geyser and when Andi says, “I can’t wait to have a family,” Pablo gives her a rose.

Group Date

Though each wants to be chosen for the remaining one-on-one date, Nikki, Sharleen, Renee, Cassandra, Chelsie and Kat find themselves going on the group date together. Juan Pablo and the girls go to a field where they play fast and furious in an Ogo, an oversized ball that can hold 3 to 4 people at once. Next, they visit one of the sets from “The Hobbit” for a cocktail party. Trying to earn the group date rose, each girl does her best to impress the bachelor. Niiki claims she’s “totally falling for him,” while Cassandra confides how much love she has to offer. Sharleen who has previously voiced misgivings repeats the sentiment, saying the process is “inorganic” all while questioning her own feelings. So who gets the Group Date rose? You guessed it – Sharleen.

Then in a real surprise, he takes birthday girl Cassandra aside. Everyone thinks he going to privately wish her a happy birthday but instead he breaks up with her – on her birthday!

“I’ve been thinking a lot,” he tells her. “Its been so hard for me because you’re gorgeous, you’re funny, you’re so nice … I wish we were in the same chapter.”

Second One-On-One Date

Clare has had a rocky week with Juan Pablo and is thrilled to get the second one-on-one date with him. She has said on camera that his remarks following their tryst in the ocean last week hurt her feelings and that she wants an apology from him.

He does apologize and the couple share a romantic picnic followed by a fireside dinner. They cuddle up on the couch in sweatpants and Clare gets the date rose.

The Rose Ceremony

Tensions are high. Even with Cassandra out of the picture, there is still one girl to be sent home. Andi, Clare and Sharleen are safe, leaving Nikki, Renee, Chelsie and Kat on the chopping block. When it’s all said and done, Kat is the flower-less one and is sent home.

While Kat is crying over her disappointment, Sharleen is also shedding a few tears but hers have to do with her confused feelings.

“I’m happy to be here and happy to be going on,” Sharleen says. “But at the same time I feel that it’s wrong somehow. I guess I feel guilty in a way.”

At least for now, Sharleen, Nikki, Renee, Andi, Clare and Chelsie will move onto the next phase – visiting Juan Pablo’s hometown of Miami.

“The Bachelor” airs on Mondays on ABC.

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