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‘The Bachelor’ 2014 spoilers: Who was sent home after Hometown Dates recap

‘The Bachelor’ 2014 spoilers: Who was sent home after Hometown Dates recap
‘The Bachelor’ 2014 spoilers: Who was sent home after Hometown Dates recap
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Juan Pablo Galavis met his 4 remaining ladies in their hometowns during week 8 for the big Hometown Dates episode on ‘The Bachelor’ 2014 and one of them goes home afterwards. Nikki, Clare, Renee and Andi are all excited about the dates but not all of their families share their enthusiasm according to a Feb. 24 recap on International Business Times.

First Hometown Date - Nikki

Juan Pablo says he feels “happy” to see Nikki again when he arrives in Kansas City, MO. She’s excited too, running up to him at a park when she spots him. Before meeting her parents, they head to a local barbeque restaurant for a taste of Midwest cooking. From there, the couple goes to a mechanical bull where JP gets to play cowboy. She’s impressed with his ability to stay in the saddle.

Nikki is prickling with nervous energy because she believes she is in love with The Bachelor but can’t figure out when or how to tell him. Her parents are very welcoming and give their blessings to the happy couple. She tells her mom before they leave, “Next time you see me I could be engaged.” Still, Nikki can’t manage to tell Juan Pablo how she feels.

Second Hometown Date - Andi

As Juan Pablo arrives in Atlanta to meet Andi, he tells the cameras “There’s definitely something going on between the two of us.” Andi is excited to see her bachelor again but she’s not in love yet. She says she’s still “waiting to fall in love.”

In an effort to introduce him to the South, Andi takes Juan Pablo to a gun range where it takes him a dozen or so shots to hit the bull’s eye. Next up is the visit to the family. The couple tells her family about their adventures all over the world but mom and dad aren’t impressed. Dad is especially unhappy when he learns his daughter was the last girl chosen for a one-on-one date. He thinks they are just infatuated. Dad makes sure Juan Pablo knows that where family is concerned, the bachelor is nothing more than a visitor.

Juan Pablo has a man to man talk with Andi’s dad and asks if he would be more accepting if the bachelor proposed to Andi. Dad won’t answer but instead turns to Andi and reminds her that JP is dating 3 other women and that’s what’s bothering him. Even though Andi knew her dad disapproved of her Venezuelan beau after the first 5 minutes, she still thinks the hometown visit was a success.

Third Hometown Date - Renee

Next, Juan Pablo moves on to Sarasota, Fla. for his Hometown Date with Renee where he will finally meet her son, Ben. Renee is feeling positive as she tells the cameras, “This feels right.” Though she is excited to see JP again, she is ecstatic about seeing Ben after their 2-month separation.

The couple attends one of Ben’s Little League games and then heads over to meet Renee’s parents and brother. This family introduction goes better than the one with Andi’s. Renee lets it be known she’s “totally madly crazy in love” with Juan Pablo. Mom and dad can see she is happy and they give them their blessing. In spite of her declarations to the camera, Renee is unable to tell JP how she feels and regrets it as she watches him drive away.

Fourth Hometown Date - Clare

Juan Pablo heads cross country to meet Clare in Sacramento, Calif. She meets him at a park where her dad used to take her as a child and the 32-year-old hairstylist opens up to Juan Pablo about why this particular date is so meaningful to her. It’s the first time since her father passed away that she has brought a guy home. In her aside to the cameras, Clare states that it is important for Juan Pablo and her family to have chemistry in order for their relationship to have a chance. That didn’t seem to be a problem as Juan Pablo hit it off with her sisters – even better than Clare seemed to. Eventually Laura and mom give their approval and tell Juan Pablo that he and Camilla would be welcome if he picks Clare.

The Rose Ceremony

Nerves are jangling as the roses are handed out first to Nikki, then Clare and finally Andi. Elimination goes to Renee. Juan Pablo and Renee both cry. She finally gets to tell him how she feels about him and as she leaves, says, "I can't force him."

Tonight is the second part of the special 2-part event – Fantasy Suite dates. This is where after being wined and dines in St Lucia, the girls have the option of joining Juan Pablo in a Fantasy Suite for a sleepover date. Things don’t go well with one of the dates! Tune in at 7 for the Fantasy Suite dates on “The Bachelor” 2014.

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